Asked & Answered: Everything you need to know about ED Treatment with Roman

Man holding Sildenafil pills with Roman pill packet in bed

What is Roman?

We're a digital men’s health clinic that wants to help you meet your goals. We offer treatments and products for men with erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and hair loss.

How does Roman work?

Roman makes it convenient to get the care you deserve. After completing an online visit about your medical history and symptoms, Roman will connect you with a US licensed medical provider to see if treatment is right for you. If approved, your medication is shipped for free in discreet packaging. You can also browse and buy our non-prescription offerings like supplements and Roman Swipes at any time without provider approval.

Is any of the process in person?

No. Roman offers healthcare 100% online. We provide everything necessary to fill out medical forms and orders, and we'll even send you your own blood pressure cuff if needed. Once a patient starts treatment, they can communicate with their provider with unlimited messaging, to ensure they are meeting their health goals. 

How much does it cost?

Treatment for erectile dysfunction starts at $4/dose. That includes our discreet, 2-day free shipping. We also offer unlimited messaging and follow-up with your Roman-affiliated provider.

What if my medication doesn't work for me?

With unlimited messaging with your provider, we work with you to modify your ongoing treatment to ensure you’re getting the results you’re after. Our service ensures continual check-ins throughout the year, and if you ever need to change your plan, you can do that easily in your Roman account.

What other products does Roman offer?

Although we specialize in erectile dysfunction (ED) medication, we also offer medication for hair loss, as well as testosterone support supplements, multivitamins, and more. If you want to explore our treatment for ED, click HERE to start your visit. Otherwise, browse other Roman offerings HERE.

Erectile dysfunction pills with Roman pill packets