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"I was skeptical at first...after that I was blown away. I couldn’t believe my before and after photos."*

  • Regrow hair in 3-6 months

  • Oral and topical options available, if prescribed

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Josiah's Experience

"A year ago, my hair basically hit rock bottom...[Ro] not only helped me to regrow my hair, but they also helped me to regain my confidence."*

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Roman Hair Solution Rx is a compounded prescription medication formulated with finasteride, minoxidil, and tretinoin, applied topically.

Oral minoxidil is not FDA approved for hair loss, but healthcare providers may prescribe it for hair loss at their discretion. Oral minoxidil may cause serious side effects that impact the heart, including pericarditis, precardial effusion and tamponade. When tested on animals, minoxidil caused lesions of the heart as well as other adverse heart effects. The significance of these lesions for humans is not clear. See full safety information.

Treatment timeline

In 1–2 months

Save it

You might not see a visible change in the first two months, though some people may shed more fine hairs than before. Not to worry—this is temporary and normal.

You might notice that hair loss has slowed, stopped, or in some cases, even reversed. Remember to take a photo to track your progress.

By now, hair loss may have considerably slowed or stopped, and some people may see signs of regrowth (usually at the crown of the head). To maintain results and increase the chance of regrowth, be sure to continue with consistent daily treatment.

How treating hair loss with Roman works