At-Home Testosterone Test Kit

At-Home Testosterone Test Kit packaging
Our Test Kit is a convenient and accurate way to check your total testosterone level from the comfort of home.

Free, discreet 2-day shipping

Comes with simple, step-by-step video instructions

Get quick and accurate results from a certified lab

How it works

Our Test Kit allows you to check your testosterone level from the comfort of home.


Your discreet package comes with everything you need to collect a finger prick blood sample.


Download the app for video instructions that will guide you through the process. Take the test before 10 AM and ship your completed Test Kit back the same day.


Send your completed Test Kit back using the shipping label included with your order. We'll notify you as soon as your results are ready and you can schedule time to discuss them with a healthcare provider.

Wondering about your testosterone?

Measuring total testosterone is a simple first step in understanding what might be causing symptoms. As men age, it’s normal for their testosterone level to decrease. Sometimes these changes can have other effects on health and wellbeing, such as:

Reduced sex drive

Lower energy levels

Changes in mood

Weaker erections


A better experience

Our at-home test offers a convenient, accurate, and discreet way to measure your total testosterone and includes:

Step-by-step video guidance

State-of-the-art equipment

Certified lab results

Free results consultation

Results and consultation

Your results will be delivered directly to your secure, private account. At that time, you can choose to schedule a free consultation with a Ro-affiliated healthcare provider to go over your results.