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There are a lot of birth control pills out there, but not a lot of ways to find out which one is right for *you*. With Modern Fertility, a provider evaluates 17 options to make a personalized recommendation just for you.

There are a lot of birth control pills out there, but not a lot of ways to find out which one is right for *you*. With Modern Fertility, a provider evaluates 17 options to make a personalized recommendation just for you.

Provider-backed pill recommendation

One free month if you need to switch pills*

No consultation fee and no insurance required

Emergency contraception included with first order

Personalized recommendation

You’ll have an online visit, which includes a rundown of your health history, so a provider can pair you with a pill that meets your preferences.

17 pill options

Preventing pregnancy is just one reason to take the pill. We offer a variety of pills to meet your goals — from managing acne to regulating your period.

Ongoing care

Your provider will check in to see how your pill is working out. If you both decide you need to switch prescriptions, we’ll credit your account for a full month of pills.*

Emergency contraception included 

Every first shipment of birth control comes with one dose of emergency contraception. We want to make sure you have it on hand if you ever need it.

*More information about future credits

If (i) you are currently prescribed birth control from a Ro-affiliated provider and are receiving the birth control through Ro pharmacy fulfillment services and (ii) you switch birth control through a new prescription, while remaining with a Ro-affiliated provider and opt to continue receiving it through Ro pharmacy fulfillment services, Ro, through Modern Fertility (“MF”), will add credits to your Ro account equal to the value of one (1) month of your current Ro/MF birth control plan cost. Credit will be deposited into your account within seven (7) days of the new prescription being filled. Credits expire after (one) 1 year, equal to 365 calendar days. Credit may be used toward any Ro/MF product. The credit in your account will automatically apply to your next order through Ro/MF, including any other subscription or one-time orders, unless modified by you.

How it works

  1. 01

    Start your online visit

    Answer a series of questions about your health history, preferences, and goals.

  2. 02

    Connect with a provider

    A provider will review your information and schedule a check-in (if necessary).

  3. 03

    Get the pill delivered to your door

    If prescribed, your birth control pills will be delivered for free.

Clinical recommendations you can trust

Meet our expert advisors

  • Biftu Mengesha

    Biftu Mengesha

    MD, MAS

  • Jody Steinauer

    Jody Steinauer


  • Jennifer Conti

    Jennifer Conti

    MD, MS, MSc, FACOG, Medical advisor

  • Nataki Douglas

    Nataki Douglas

    MD, PhD, Chair of the Modern Fertility Medical Advisory Board

  • Scott M. Nelson

    Scott M. Nelson

    PhD, MRCOG

  • Eduardo Hariton

    Eduardo Hariton

    MD, MBA, Medical advisor

Answers to your birth control questions

We get this question a lot — and the answer is no! Even if you’ve used the pill for years, it doesn’t impact your fertility after you stop taking it. In fact, when you stop taking the pill, the medication leaves your system within 48 hours.

For more info on birth control and fertility, visit our blog.

We’re able to prescribe birth control for people with ovaries 18 and older.

Modern Fertility currently offers access to prescriptions for oral contraceptive pills only.

As you answer questions in the online visit, different pill options get scored based on your answers. Here are some of the things the provider considers when suggesting pills that could be good options for you:

  • Specific pill characteristics (like whether the pill includes a placebo week or not)

  • Personal preferences (like if avoiding spotting is important to you or not)

  • Your medical history and contraindications

If a certain medication is not appropriate for you based on your self-reported medical history, it will be eliminated from your list of options.

Some birth control methods can be started right after you give birth (or following a miscarriage), and others require waiting a few weeks. It’s a good idea to talk with your Ro-affiliated provider about which method is right for you after pregnancy.

For birth control pill use after pregnancy, there are a few factors that impact which type of pills are appropriate options. These include if the pregnancy was carried to term or not, whether you’re currently breastfeeding, and whether you have any cardiovascular risk factors.

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Important safety information

What you should know before taking Heather (Norethindrone).

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