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How It Works

Roman offers everything from free online evaluation to fast treatment delivery and unlimited follow-ups in one seamless experience.
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Free, unlimited follow-ups

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Getting care with Ro

Online visit

Every condition we treat has its own specific online visit. This removes unnecessary, time-consuming questions and focuses solely on the symptoms and medical history that help your healthcare provider evaluate the best treatment option for you.

If your healthcare provider needs more details or has a question, they will contact you to set up a time to talk.

Hear back within 24 hours

Free, unlimited follow-ups

Get direct access to licensed healthcare providers

The online visit is extremely comprehensive and often provides more detailed information than a provider would be able to collect in person.

In about 24 hours, a provider will contact you directly with an update on your treatment request. Some states also require a phone or video chat with your provider.

Free 2-day shipping

Members can choose to pick up medication at their own pharmacy, or to have their prescription prepared, packed, and shipped straight to their door from the Ro Pharmacy Network for lower prices and free 2-day shipping.

Fulfilling your prescription with the Ro Pharmacy Network not only saves you a trip to the pharmacy, but guarantees discreet packaging.

Sildenafil Citrate, generic for Viagra, pills with Roman pill packet

Genuine medication

Ro purchases genuine medication (like Viagra) directly from Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD), the highest seal of approval for FDA-approved medication sourcing. Ro makes it safe and simple to get real medication prescribed by a real, licensed physician or nurse practitioner.

Ongoing care

Ro members get free, unlimited follow-ups to discuss their treatment.

It’s normal and expected that the treatment plan you start with is not the one that will ultimately work best for you. You may end up needing a stronger or weaker dose (or even a different medication) to get the results you want or solve for side effects. Your healthcare provider on the Ro platform is here to help. Message them any time to discuss options.

Refill on your schedule

Prescriptions are available in monthly or quarterly auto-shipments, depending on your preference. There’s no sign-up fee or cancellation fee; you can start or stop treatment any time.

About Roman

Roman is for adults who are experiencing erectile dysfunction, hair loss, premature ejaculation, cold sores, genital herpes, eczema, dandruff, excessive sweating, allergies, or certain other health issues and prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their home.

First, complete an online visit detailing your symptoms and medical history. A US-licensed healthcare provider will review your information and make a personalized treatment recommendation. Ro will ship your treatment in discreet packaging with free 2-day shipping, if prescribed.

We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. We’ve designed the Ro platform to comply with all relevant privacy laws and have implemented strict security protocols to protect your information.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Ro is the healthcare company that powers Roman. We are a direct-to-consumer telehealth company that handles everything from diagnosis to the convenient delivery of medication. Learn more about Ro.

Discover more from Roman

Feel your best without the hassle

Explore our full range of products and prescription treatments. If appropriate, a provider will create a personalized treatment plan for prescription treatments.

  • Hair loss

    More hair, less hassle. Get medication prescribed by a US-licensed healthcare provider. All from the comfort of home.

    finasteride, generic Propecia, and minoxidil, generic Rogaine, treatment from Ro
  • Testosterone support

    You can't get this blend anywhere else—and it includes ashwagandha for testosterone support and magnesium to support muscular health.

    Image showing testosterone support packaging
  • Premature ejaculation

    We offer prescription medications and an OTC treatment that is clinically proven to help you last longer.

  • Weight loss

    Our 12-month Body Program helps you lose an average of 15% body weight by pairing GLP-1 medication with personal coaching.

    Ozempic pens with the Body Program equipment
  • Roman Daily Multivitamin

    Doctor-formulated with 23 nutrients, Roman Daily is optimized to support men’s health and physical activity.