We’re Ro, the new healthcare company

  • our goal is personalized treatment for everyone
  • behind Roman, Zero and Rory
  • that handles everything from diagnosis to delivery
  • where stigmas don’t exist
  • where doctors, pharmacists and engineers join forces

Think about your most frustrating health experience…

Were you shocked at how much care would cost? Did you have a million questions that weren’t answered during a 10 minute appointment? Were you left confused about treatment options and what to do next?

We get it. It’s a frustratingly broken system. That’s why Ro is here to build something new, and we need your help.

Ro needs people who have experienced the frustrations of the healthcare system and understand the challenges of being a patient because they or a loved one has lived it.

We’re looking for people who will take big swings, make big decisions and move swiftly. People who spend their freetime gaining new skills, challenging themselves and who love solving complex problems. People who are unendingly empathetic, annoyingly curious and just plain relentless.

Solving healthcare affects us, our families and everyone else, now and forever.

We’re Ro, and we’re building the future of healthcare, and we’re looking for help.

How we got here

  1. roman
  2. zero
  3. rory

Where we’re coming from

We have lots of perks but these are the perks that matter the most to us:

  • Real-time, radical candor feedback
  • Supported learning and growth that help you always challenge yourself
  • The opportunity to dedicate yourself to directly improving people’s health
  • Bring your quirks (whole-self) to work
  • Big decisions made at every level by anybody

Who we are

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