Letter from founders


We get it. We're patients, too.

We know no one ever dreams of a blood pressure of 120 over 80. They don't lay awake at night thinking about the possibilities of a low deductible plan, increasing their good cholesterol, or finding the perfect in-network doctor. They dream of playing with their kids, spending time with loved ones, opening a restaurant, or climbing a mountain. Unfortunately, when we're faced with a health challenge, those dreams are put on pause.

We've experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows the healthcare system has to offer. We've been brought back to life from the brink of death. We've brought new life into the world, six times! We, and our loved ones, have defeated some of the most formidable diseases. But we have also been put in debt by exorbitant medical bills. We've been lost and without a clue where to turn. We've had to put our lives on hold because we couldn't get sufficient care.

We started Ro because we wanted you to never have to put your life on hold because you couldn't get high quality, affordable healthcare.

Ultimately, we aspire to be your first call — to either handle everything you need from beginning to end or to guide you throughout your journey when you're better served by others. We see a world in which patients are in complete control of their care. A world in which physicians, nurses, and pharmacists are empowered, not replaced by technology. A world in which your health is an afterthought, not because it's not important, but because everything is being taken care of and you're too busy living your best life. It's a lofty goal and we know we have work to do. But it's an aspiration worth devoting ourselves to entirely.

If you want to join your fellow patients working to change healthcare, send us a note. We can't wait to hear from you.

Zachariah Reitano, Saman Rahmanian, Rob Schutz