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Lose weight on your own terms with revolutionary GLP-1 medication.

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How it works

Step 1
Complete your online visit

Tell us about your health history and goals through an online visit. Your answers will help us determine if GLP-1 treatment is right for you.

Step 2
Get your Metabolic Test

We’ll send you an easy-to-use, at-home blood sample collection kit to help us learn more about how your body is working right now. The test analyzes how your body processes things like sugar and helps us understand your unique Body Story and metabolism (neat, huh?).

Step 3
Review results

You’ll go over your test results with a healthcare provider during a one-on-one video chat. This will help map out a personalized plan for your weight loss.

Step 4
Start your program

You'll begin your 1:1 health coaching and step-by-step curriculum while our partners work with your insurers to get you covered for FDA-approved GLP-1 medication.

Step 5
See and feel results

Our holistic program concentrates on your medication, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and emotional health. In clinical trials, patients lost 15%* of their body weight after 1 year, on average.

*Based on the average weight loss in three 68-week clinical trials of patients without diabetes who reached and maintained a dose of 2.4 mg/week of GLP-1 treatment, along with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Get started today and join the 100,000+ patients that have lost weight with Ro.

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