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We help you lose weight by pairing revolutionary medication with coaching, care, and healthy lifestyle changes to make it last.

Weight loss medications and people using those medications

How the body program works

Tell us about your health

Share your health history and weight loss goals with your Ro-affiliated provider.

In four days
Take a lab test 

Your provider will order a metabolic lab test after they have reviewed your health history. You can take your test at any Quest location or purchase an at-home collection kit through Ro for an additional fee. If you live in a state where Quest is not available, we’ll automatically send you an at-home blood collection kit for no charge. Here’s what you’ll test:

CHOL, HDL, LDL, TRIG: A traditional Lipid Panel that will help us understand your metabolic health.

BUN and CREAT: Kidney function measures to help inform what medication is right for you (if appropriate).

TSH: Thyroid function testing to see if there is a thyroid related issue that could be causing weight challenges.

HbA1c: Used to screen for diabetes and prediabetes, another measure of metabolic health.

If this seems like science jargon, don't worry! We’ll help you make sense of it.

Typically within one week
Connect with a provider 

Your Ro-affiliated provider will review your results to see if medication is right for you.

If it is, you’ll begin the Body Program, which includes: access to medication, ongoing provider care, a personal health coach, a smart scale, and a weekly email with healthy lifestyle strategies.

Takes about 1-3 weeks
Get insurance coverage

Our insurance concierge partner connects with your insurance company to help get the cost of medication covered. Here’s how they’ll do it:

Liaise with your insurance: We know this can be a headache, so the team will take care of communicating with your insurance company. They’ll even handle the paperwork. 

Explore every option: The team will look into the medication options that are right for you. If you get denied for one medication, they’ll look for other options that are clinically appropriate for you.

And, once approved, the team will help find a pharmacy that can fulfill your prescription.

Find solutions to get you started: If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your medication, the team will see if there are patient access programs that would help reduce your out-of-pocket cost.

If you want to explore cash pay options, they’ll help you figure out the available options in your area.

Go the extra mile to find medication: First the team will call local pharmacies, but if there isn’t one able to fulfill your prescription, they’ll search for a pharmacy to send you the medication by mail.

Even when there’s a national supply chain shortage, the team won’t stop working on your behalf.

Varies by pharmacy
Find medication

If you move forward with treatment, our partner will go the extra mile to find a pharmacy with medication available.

You’re on your way
Start losing weight

We’re with you every step of the way, from your first shot to your first weight loss win.

Thousands of people are losing weight with GLP-1 medications

Hear more from our Ro Ambassadors, whose success inspired the Body Program.

  • “GLP-1s have been a game-changer. Over the past year, I have lost around 30 lbs.”

    Dr. Pepper

  • "Following this program is one of the most convenient ways of losing weight that I’ve tried.”

    Julie P.

  • "I've never felt better. I've never had more energy."


Still have questions? We have answers.

The Body Program costs $99 for your first month and $135/month thereafter. Please note that GLP-1 medication is billed separately and not covered in the program cost. Medication cost will depend on your personal insurance coverage, and our partners will work with your insurer to help determine coverage (see more about this in “Do you accept insurance?”).

Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Wegovy, anticipates that many patients will have difficulty filling Wegovy prescriptions at the lower doses of 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg and 1 mg through September 2023. In response, we’re taking additional steps to support new and existing patients on their weight loss journeys. For example, your Ro-affiliated provider may explore prescribing alternate GLP-1 medications for you, if appropriate. Our insurance concierge partner also frequently contacts pharmacies to look for available medication on your behalf.

The first steps for new patients in the Body Program are unaffected by the Wegovy supply shortage — including taking a metabolic lab test and connecting with a provider to review your health history. If your provider ultimately determines Wegovy is right for you, the sooner you join the program, the sooner our team can get to work trying to find medication in stock at a pharmacy near you.

Insurance concierge services for the cost of medications are provided through the Body Program. Our partners will work directly with your insurance provider to help with the process of determining coverage for your GLP-1 medication, which is paid for separately from the Body Program. Ro does not accept insurance for the Body Program, which is cash pay only. At this time, those with any form of government healthcare coverage (including programs such as Medicare, Medicaid or TRICARE), whether primary or secondary, government-related coverage such as Medicare Supplement Plans, or federal employee plans are not eligible for the Body Program. These plans typically do not cover the type of medication the Body Program may prescribe. Unfortunately, this means that those on Medicare or eligible for Medicare cannot join the Body Program.

If for some reason your insurance will not cover the cost of your medication, you’ll have the option to either pay for the medication out of pocket (typically $900–$1,600/month, depending on the medication) or cancel your Body Program membership. Given the cost of initial diagnostics, ongoing provider support, and insurance assistance, we are unable to offer refunds for previously incurred monthly membership fees.

After you complete your online visit, a Ro-affiliated healthcare provider will review your answers and determine whether treatment may be right for you. If appropriate, we’ll ask you to complete a metabolic test so we can see how your body’s working right now. Next, you’ll go over the results of your test with your healthcare provider and discuss a personalized treatment plan.

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