Special intro offer

$99 for your first month

The Body Program helps you lose weight by pairing prescription medication with coaching and care—and tailoring it to your weight loss goals.

$145/month for ongoing treatment support

Weight loss claims for branded GLP-1s only. The cost of medication is not included in the monthly program membership.

How much does the Body Program cost?

We break the Body Program into two parts to make sure your treatment plan is tailored to you.

  1. 1

    Health and medication consult

  2. 2

    Program membership and medication

Getting started

Getting started


one time payment

  • Online health assessment

  • Medical review by a Ro affiliated provider

  • GLP-1 prescription, if appropriate

  • Concierge insurance support

  • Rx sent to your local pharmacy

Once your prescription is sent to a pharmacy




  • Monthly renewal of GLP-1 prescription

  • Unlimited messaging with your provider to discuss side effects and medication dosage

  • Convenient refills

  • Ongoing insurance support, if needed

  • Health coaching for support and motivation

Get medication




  • The price varies based on the medication and insurance coverage. We'll help you know what to expect

In stock

Ships in 1–4 days once prescribed

Pay cash for compounded GLP-1


monthly (charged every 28 days)

What you need to know

  • It’s semaglutide, the same active ingredient as Ozempic and Wegovy

  • Get medication & refills quickly

  • Compounded in compliance with quality standards

In stock

Pick up and pay at pharmacy

Pay cash for Ozempic



What you need to know

  • Available supply for starter doses

  • FDA-approved for type 2 diabetes, prescribed for weight loss if appropriate

  • Ability to switch medications depending on provider Rx and supply (pricing will vary)

Coverage varies

Wegovy shortage

Try to use insurance for branded GLP-1

You may receive: Zepbound, Ozempic, Wegovy

Copays vary

What you need to know

  • Your plan coverage and savings cards may help lower costs

  • Patients may wait 30+ days for supply of Wegovy

  • Refill challenges may cause treatment gaps

get video check ups with qualified medical advisors to review your progress on the Body Program

What’s included

Provider consultation

GLP-1 prescription (if appropriate)

Insurance concierge

Ongoing care & support

Tools to track progress

Please note: The cost of medication is not included in the Body Program.

Hear from Body Program members

Ro Body Program members taking branded GLP-1 medications were paid for their testimonials.


Dr. Pepper lost 30 lbs in 1 year

“I started losing weight almost immediately. To me, truly, this has been a game-changer.”

Dr. Pepper Ro Ambassador who inspired the Body Program, after taking GLP-1 medication


Stacie lost 49 lbs in 6 months

“I used to constantly crave food in general. I was always hungry before starting the Body Program.”

Stacie Ro member after taking GLP-1 medication

Weight loss FAQs

From experts at Ro

Read more about GLP-1s

Important safety information

Ozempic treats type 2 diabetes but may be prescribed for weight loss, if appropriate. Ozempic may have serious side effects, including possible thyroid tumors. Do not use if you or your family have a history of a type of thyroid cancer called MTC or MEN 2.