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$135/month thereafter

Our 12-month Body Program helps you lose weight by tailoring prescription medication and 1:1 coaching support to your health, goals, and lifestyle. Cost excludes GLP-1 medication.

Meet the Body Program

What’s included?

Access to effective treatment

GLP-1 medication is clinically proven to help people lose weight. It works by making you feel fuller, reducing cravings, and helping your body process sugars more efficiently.

The Body Program cost excludes cost of GLP-1 medication.
Metabolic Test

We’ll send you a blood sample collection kit to help us learn more about how your body is working right now. The test analyzes how your body processes things like sugar and helps us understand your unique Body Story and metabolism (neat, huh?).

365 days of coaching support

You'll have access to a dedicated health coach for the entire duration of the program. They're here to offer guidance on nutrition, sleep hygiene, exercise, medication management, lifestyle changes—you name it—plus they’re available to answer questions you have along the way.

Step-by-step curriculum

Our evidence-backed weight loss curriculum is designed to help you make meaningful changes to your lifestyle. You’ll learn tips and strategies that gradually build sustainable new behaviors, which will set you up for long-term success.

Smart scale for weight tracking

People who weigh themselves regularly are more likely to reach a healthy weight—and keep it off. The smart scale is simple to use and syncs seamlessly with your account. This allows you, your provider, and your coach to track (and celebrate!) your progress.

Insurance coverage support for medication

Consider us your insurance concierge. We know how complicated insurance can be, so our partners coordinate directly with your insurer to help get the cost of your medication covered. The cost of medication is not included in the Body Program. More insurance info here.

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