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The Modern Community is your online space to talk about health, fertility, careers, or whatever's on your mind.

Where is the Modern Community hosted?

Access our community with one click from the free Modern Fertility iOS app. You can also log in at community.modernfertility.com with a Modern Fertility account.

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“Modern Fertility provides a great community. I've appreciated the events they host. I attended a session on conception and learned so much about how to optimize my health even a year or so before trying to conceive."

– Liz H.

Our Modern Community guidelines

We are a community for people with ovaries to learn and connect with one another. This is a safe space to ask questions, share experiences, and find support. You are welcome here, no matter your goals or where you are in your fertility journey.

If you believe that a member is in violation of the Community guidelines, please reach out to the Community Moderation team.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate and bigotry and reserve the right to remove any content or members for violating our community guidelines at any time. If a member is found to promote any form of hatred, violence, or harassment, or to be in conflict with the Community guidelines, they will be approached by an MF staff member and asked to follow up with recognition of the consequences of their behavior, appropriate conciliatory actions, and clear behavioral changes. This will be the first warning. If the member fails to do any of the above, or receives a second warning, they will be removed from the community.