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The Modern Community is your online space to talk about health, fertility, careers, or whatever's on your mind.

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Access our community with one click from the free Modern Fertility iOS app. You can also log in at community.modernfertility.com with a Modern Fertility account.

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“Modern Fertility provides a great community. I've appreciated the events they host. I attended a session on conception and learned so much about how to optimize my health even a year or so before trying to conceive."

– Liz H.

Our Modern Community guidelines

We are a community for people with ovaries to learn and connect with one another. This is a safe space to ask questions, share experiences, and find support. You are welcome here, no matter your goals or where you are in your fertility journey.

The internet can be a tough place — but this isn't one of those spaces. Don't post or comment anything that could be construed as unkind, trolling, or bullying. This space is one that builds upon each member’s knowledge and input. Any behavior that does not serve the members of our community will be firmly addressed.

The fertility journey looks different for everyone and we are here for it all! This community supports people with ovaries. We recognize that every individual carries intersectional identities and we aim to create a space that validates all lived experiences and diversities of bodies and expressions. We do not make assumptions based on member photos or names, and we are mindful of using correct pronouns.

This is a safe space where we support one another through challenging and sensitive lived experiences and celebrate others’ wins. Though we may disagree at times, we actively listen without judgment or inserting personal agendas. We are here to learn — and we do so by hearing and seeing new perspectives through a lens of empathy and compassion.

As our community grows, so does the number of people who have access to its posts. We strive to maintain a space that invites vulnerability, and we ask that you also be cognizant of what you share. Many of these discussions are sensitive in nature, thus all information within our community must be kept confidential unless you receive explicit permission otherwise from the original poster. Please do not take screenshots of the community.

Anything that could be construed as “spammy” or “promotional” will be removed. We’re in this conversation for insights, not ads. If you have a resource or link to share, please run it by the moderation team. We value the privacy and intentionality of our community members, and believe solicitations undermine the quality of discussion.

We treat others how we’d want to be treated and always strive to assume the best of our fellow Modern Community members.

If you believe that a member is in violation of the Community guidelines, please reach out to the Community Moderation team.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate and bigotry and reserve the right to remove any content or members for violating our community guidelines at any time. If a member is found to promote any form of hatred, violence, or harassment, or to be in conflict with the Community guidelines, they will be approached by an MF staff member and asked to follow up with recognition of the consequences of their behavior, appropriate conciliatory actions, and clear behavioral changes. This will be the first warning. If the member fails to do any of the above, or receives a second warning, they will be removed from the community.