Health Guide Medical Review Process

Every article you read on Health Guide has undergone our rigorous medical review process. We have a dedicated team of doctors who review our articles for medical accuracy, including:

  • Confirming that all sources are the highest quality

  • Ensuring an accurate interpretation of data

  • Taking a balanced approach to medical information

  • Checking that the information is the most up to date available

What kinds of sources do we rely on?

We rely on the highest quality medical sources from reliable, peer-reviewed scientific journals and governmental agencies. At times, we also get information directly from experts in their fields, properly attributed in our content. Whenever possible, we avoid using consumer-facing websites as sources for our articles, as that information has already been distilled. We follow a modified version of APA style for our citations. 

How frequently do we review articles?

In addition to going through an initial review before going live on Health Guide, our articles go through a regular reviewing and updating process.

  • For articles with frequently changing information (e.g., COVID-related topics)—we re-review these on an as-needed basis (as new information comes to light).

  • For articles that cover standard medical information that doesn’t really change over time (e.g., articles on a specific drug’s side effects)—we do a review of these every three years.

  • For all other topics, we re-review to make sure everything is up to date once a year.

Our editorial process

In addition to our medical review standards, we uphold the highest level of editorial integrity. To learn more about our editorial process, click here.


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Our medical team

Our medical team is made up of medical professionals who are well versed in study design and biostatistics and who stay up to date with the latest research coming out of the medical community.