Triamcinolone (0.1%) Cream

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A convenient way to control eczema flare-ups, Triamcinolone (0.1%) cream is a medium potency steroid cream and the...

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A few things to know
  • Triamcinolone is a medium-potency steroid cream. Steroid creams, including triamcinolone, are considered effective for both the treatment of active eczema as well as the prevention of flare-ups.

  • Triamcinolone cream is applied in a thin layer twice daily to the affected area(s).

  • Most people start to see improvement within a few days, and many experience some relief even after one or two applications.

  • If you're prescribed medication, you'll have ongoing care with unlimited and free messaging with your doctor or nurse practitioner throughout your treatment.

Important safety information eczema

What you should know before using triamcinolone cream 0.1%.


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