Triamcinolone (0.1%) Cream

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A convenient way to control eczema flare-ups, Triamcinolone (0.1%) cream is a medium potency steroid cream and the...

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A few things to know.

  • Triamcinolone is a medium-potency steroid cream. Steroid creams, including triamcinolone, are considered effective for both the treatment of active eczema as well as the prevention of flare-ups.

  • Triamcinolone cream is applied in a thin layer twice daily to the affected area(s).

  • Most people start to see improvement within a few days, and many experience some relief even after one or two applications.

  • If you're prescribed medication, you'll have ongoing care with unlimited and free messaging with your doctor or nurse practitioner throughout your treatment.

  • For complete safety information, please see Important Safety Information.

Important safety information eczema

What you should know before using triamcinolone cream 0.1%.


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