How to use Upneeq®  

(oxymetazoline) ophthalmic solution

Watch this step-by-step tutorial for truly eye-opening results.

How to apply Upneeq

Woman using Upneeq product

01 Drop

Put one drop in each affected eye, as directed. If you wear contacts, be sure to remove them first (you can put them back in 15 minutes after application).

woman with her eyes closed

02 Chill

Close your eyes for 60 seconds after application for best results.

Some people see a lift in as little as 5 minutes, but it may take 2 hours to see full results.

Woman with Upneeq treated eyes

03 Live it up

Enjoy your bright, bold, revitalized eyes! Results last 6–8 hours.

Important Safety Information for Upneeq®

What you should know before using Upneeq.