The Modern Fertility iOS App

Our free ovulation and cycle tracking app makes it easier to predict the 2 days you’re most likely to get pregnant.

Download the app now to track your period and start getting cycle predictions right in your pocket. For even *smarter* predictions, log your Modern Fertility Ovulation Test results.

Predict your 2 most fertile days

Get better predictions using your hormones

Track your ~entire~ cycle on one calendar

No subscriptions or ads. Ever.

Connect with experts + people who get it

Supercharge your cycle predictions

Track your periods using the app on its own — or add your *actual* hormone levels for even smarter predictions.

Scan and log your Ovulation Test

Use the built-in scanner for an instant read on your Ovulation Test results, giving you a look into your hormones and future cycles.

Pinpoint the best days to test for pregnancy

Opt in for *personalized* recs for the best days of your cycle to take pregnancy tests.

Connect in the Modern Community

Access our free community in the app to connect with others and get your fertility Q’s answered by experts.

Why use the app?

  1. To try for kids

     If you're trying for kids, predict the days sex or insemination will give you the best chances of getting pregnant.

  2. To track your cycle

    If you're *not* trying for kids, track your periods and get cycle predictions so you can plan ahead.

  3. To connect with a community

    ~All~ people with ovaries can use the app for real talk on fertility with people who just get it.

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The ovulation detective

Follow your hormones

The Modern Fertility Ovulation Test measures luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine. Why LH? The brain triggers an LH surge before you ovulate, making it an excellent predictor of ovulation. The app scans and logs your Ovulation Tests so you can catch your LH surge and your 2 most fertile days.

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For the planners out there

Get answers you can trust

The Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test is 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy from the first day of your missed period1 — but you can start testing as early as 6 days before. Track your cycle (and test results) with the app and get a countdown for the best days to test.

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We make fertility essentials for people with ovaries

Modern Fertility and Ro products are designed to give you more agency over your reproductive health, so you can own the decisions impacting your body and your future.

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