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Ro Body Program members were paid for their testimonials. Average weight loss among people with overweight or obesity (without diabetes) is 9-15% over one year, when paired with healthy lifestyle changes (compared to 3.5% with diet and exercise alone). Click to hear their stories!

Gray lost 25 lbs.
in 6 months

Before going on GLP-1s, Gray had no idea how much of a mental toll food was taking on her. Thinking about her next meal became an obsession, but now that the food noise has quieted, she feels like she can focus on things that matter more, like her daughter. She went as far to say that the freedom from thoughts of food has far outweighed the new number on the scale.

I have a 12 year old daughter who looks up to me for everything. I want to find sustainable weight loss and stop yo-yo dieting to set an example for her.

Gray from Fort Mill, South Carolina

Marva lost 27 lbs. in 3 months

Marva loves traveling with friends, working out with her boyfriend, and keeping up with her new puppy—but after gaining weight, she felt like she was living life on the sidelines. She decided to get proactive about her health with GLP-1s and is excited to have the confidence to live out loud again.

I want to be able to live a lifestyle without restrictions, to live life on my own terms. I don’t want to experience life on the sidelines.

Marva from Charlotte, North Carolina

Josh lost 33 lbs. in 5 months

Josh was a high school athlete and spent 12 years in the military. For most of his life, he’s leaned on his military mindset to stay in peak physical condition. But after leaving the service, he started to lose the battle against donuts and milkshakes. For Josh, GLP-1s are “willpower in a shot” that allow him to walk away from his cravings. He is excited to get back to what he loves most: spending time with his kids and pursuing his many thrill-seeking hobbies, including scuba diving, flying, and traveling

I can’t bend over to tie my own shoe or walk up the stairs without losing breath. Mental toughness was no match for a maple bacon doughnut.

Josh from Cincinnati, Ohio

Kerry lost 38 lbs. in 6 months

Kerry spent years living in the background, scared to really show herself to the world. Since starting the Body Program, Kerry has a newfound confidence in herself and is finally enjoying life! Kerry writes a letter to her past self—sharing all the ways the Body Program has helped her become “the version of Kerry that’s meant to be.”

Just give yourself a chance.

Kerry from Black Canyon City, Arizona 

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