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Plenity is the first and only FDA-cleared weight management tool made from naturally derived building blocks. In...

Stimulant free and non-habit forming

Clinically tested and FDA cleared

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How it works

Plenity capsules absorb the water you drink mixed with the food you eat to make you feel full and help you eat less.

  1. Take 3 capsules

    Take 3 Plenity capsules before lunch and again before dinner.

  2. Drink 16 oz of water

    Don’t just take a sip—for the capsules to take effect, you need to drink 16 oz of water with each dose.

  3. Wait 20 minutes

    You’re ready to enjoy your meal and feel full after eating smaller portions.


Nearly 60% of study participants that were treated with Plenity achieved an average weight loss of 10% of their body weight or ~22 pounds.

Proven safety profile

A clinical study showed that Plenity is as safe and tolerable as a placebo (a capsule with inactive ingredients), with minor side effects.


Plenity is not a stimulant and there are no restrictions for how long it can be used.


Plenity is safe for use by people with or without other conditions such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, or dyslipidemia.

59% lost an average of 22 pounds
59% lost an average of 22 pounds
Learn more about Plenity’s clinical trial—Gelesis Loss of Weight (GLOW) study

In a 24-week clinical trial called GLOW (Gelesis Loss of Weight), Plenity or placebo was given to 436 adults who were overweight or had obesity, in conjunction with diet and exercise.  The study was designed to measure: efficacy of at least 35% of individuals receiving Plenity lost ≥5% of their body weight, and a Placebo-adjusted weight loss of ≥3%.  There was no difference between placebo and Plenity in the overall incidence of adverse events.

*The percentage of responders, a co-primary endpoint, or the percentage of patients who lost ≥5% of body weight, achieved clinically meaningful weight loss with Plenity vs placebo (59% vs 42%; P=0.0008). The study did not meet the predefined weight loss super-superiority margin of 3% over placebo.

Important safety information

What you should know before taking Plenity


Plenity contains a hydrogel made of naturally derived building blocks, which absorbs a significant amount of water once in the stomach. Plenity is made from naturally derived substances: carboxymethyl cellulose (modified cellulose – cellulose is the fiber found in vegetables and plants) and citric acid (found in many fruits like lemons and limes).

When Plenity is combined with water, small Plenity hydrogel particles are formed. Plenity particles are about the size of a grain of salt or sugar. After ingestion, Plenity capsules release thousands of these hydrogel particles and each particle absorbs about 100 times its weight in water. These hydrated hydrogel particles do not clump together, rather they mix with food and promote a sense of fullness.

Weight loss is a gradual process and every experience is different. But on average the sensation of fullness occurs early and is followed a few weeks later by weight loss. In clinical studies, people taking Plenity with diet and exercise had greater weight loss compared to people doing diet and exercise alone as early as 4 weeks.

Plenity has been cleared for use in adults, not in children or adolescents. Plenity aids in weight management for overweight and obese adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25-40 kg/㎡, when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

You can calculate your BMI by entering your height and weight into a calculator that can be found here.

In the pivotal GLOW study using Plenity, nearly 60% of participants achieved >= 5% body weight loss and 27% of participants achieved >= 10% body weight loss.