Must know collection tips

These handy tips will help guide you through every stage of your kit experience. You got this!

  • Complete within the convenience of your home

  • Lab results ready in approximately 7 days




Unbox your kit

Clear a space on a flat surface and unbox your kit. Follow the initial steps on the box to register your collection kit online, which will give you access to step-by-step video instructions.

Prick your finger

Follow the video instructions to prick your finger with the provided lancets. Use the finger compressor to collect blood to the suggested level on the tube. A live agent will be available to guide you if you need help.

Pack up and ship back

Using the prepaid packaging label, mail your kit back to our lab within 24 hours. If you do not mail your kit back within 24 hours the blood sample(s) may be voided. Your results will be ready in approximately 7 days. We'll be in touch as soon as they're ready to view.

How the test works

The test details


CLIA certified lab

Our test kits involve an analysis of a capillary blood sample at a CLIA certified and CAP accredited high complexity laboratory.

The at-home collection process and supporting materials were designed to ensure that capillary blood samples would satisfy clinical testing standards. This includes provision of necessary phlebotomy equipment (such as sterile lancets and a collection container), a centrifuge, and a temperature sensor to ensure samples are not subjected to extreme temperatures between collection and laboratory analysis.

Our test kits are not intended for standalone diagnosis of any medical condition. It is your responsibility to arrange with your healthcare provider for consultation and interpretation of the test results. You can consult with a Ro-affiliated provider for no extra cost. A consultation with a Ro-affiliated provider can help put your results in perspective. Scheduling is easy, and you can connect within a few business days.