Ro launches the GLP-1 Supply Tracker

Tool gives patients real-time insights on GLP-1 drug shortages and automated, localized supply alerts

May 29, 2024 – Ro, the leading direct-to-patient healthcare company, today launched the GLP-1 Supply Tracker, an interactive tool to give patients real-time insights on GLP-1 drug shortages and automated, localized supply alerts. Patients can use the GLP-1 Supply Tracker to stay up-to-date on GLP-1 availability by drug, dose, and location, share their own experience with a shortage or finding supply in their area, and submit shortage reports to the FDA. 

“The GLP-1 shortage challenges are exacerbated by a lack of accurate, up-to-date, and accessible GLP-1 supply information. Patients deserve better,” said Zachariah Reitano, Co-founder and CEO of Ro. “We originally began building this tracker for Ro patients but knew that our scaled supply data and tech expertise positioned us to help all patients (whether Ro patient or not) navigate the shortage and have a greater chance of finding the GLP-1 medications they need.”

The GLP-1 Supply Tracker leverages Ro’s proprietary, nationwide supply data as well as user-generated reports along with the latest information from the FDA’s Drug Shortage List. It is entirely free and open access for any patient, provider, or other healthcare stakeholder who would like to use it.

How the GLP-1 Supply Tracker works


  • Anyone can enter the drug, dose, and pharmacy where they found stock of a GLP-1 drug or enter the same information about a pharmacy’s shortage. 

  • When a user contributes shortage information to the GLP-1 Supply Tracker, Ro gives them the option of automatically reporting that information to the FDA, with no additional steps required.

Automated Alerts:

  • Patients can sign-up to receive automated email alerts, delivered when a GLP-1 drug is reported in supply in their area or when the status of a GLP-1 drug changes on the FDA’s Drug Shortage List. 

  • Supply alerts notify patients which pharmacy is reported to have supply, including the specific GLP-1 medication and dose, pharmacy’s name, address, and phone number. 

  • The alerts also include easy-to-follow instructions for how to request a pharmacy transfer their prescription to the one with supply in stock. Ro’s patients can also message their care team any time to request that Ro transfer their prescription on their behalf.

“Drug shortages threaten treatment adherence and continuity of care – not to mention create undue stress for patients. Providers can use the GLP-1 Supply Tracker to stay informed about supply so that they can best counsel their patients on the most clinically appropriate and reliably available GLP-1 treatment,” said Dr. Melynda Barnes, Chief Medical Officer at Ro.

The GLP-1 Supply Tracker is just one of the resources that Ro offers patients to more easily access the weight loss treatment they need. Ro also offers compounded GLP-1s to help maintain patients’ access to treatment and continuity of care during the shortage of branded GLP-1s. Even during the shortage, many patients want to check if their insurance will cover treatment with a branded GLP-1 medication. For those patients, Ro takes on benefits verification and works with a partner to optimize prior authorizations and then clearly communicates treatment options, coverage details, and transparent cost estimates. 

To see the latest GLP-1 drug shortage and supply reports, visit Ro’s GLP-1 Supply Tracker: 

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