New Ro App Helps Patients Conveniently and Effectively Achieve their Health Goals

One-stop destination for Ro’s products and services across sexual health and fertility, skincare, weight loss and more

November 30, 2022 - Ro, the only direct-to-patient company that combines telehealth, diagnostics, labs, and pharmacy services nationwide, today announced its first iOS mobile app to offer patients the most convenient and effective way to achieve their health goals. The app is a one-stop destination for patients to seamlessly manage their care as well as find any of Ro’s products and services across sexual health and fertility, skincare, weight loss, and more, through a newly designed mobile-first experience.

The Ro app enables patients to:

  • Partner with Ro’s dedicated provider team to access a personalized care plan to achieve their health goals, including the ability to review treatment information, diagnostic results, and more

  • Easily track the delivery of their treatment from the moment it leaves the pharmacy until it arrives at their doorstep

  • Receive real-time notifications about prescription refills, test results, provider notes, and the next steps in their care plan

  • Discover additional health goals, explore Ro’s products and services and browse educational content through new advanced search functionality

  • Engage a continually updated library of educational health and wellness resources including video, articles and in-app quizzes

Saman Rahmanian, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Ro, said: "Whether patients want to have better sex, better skin, understand their fertility, or lose weight, the Ro app is the most convenient way to achieve their health goals. With more and more people demanding an easier way to navigate their healthcare, we knew we needed to build an unrivaled experience that brings the power of our platform to the hands of patients. We’re thrilled to see so many patients benefiting from the convenience only Ro could bring and will continue to push the bar for patient-centric healthcare.” 

Approximately 80% of patients were already coming to Ro on a mobile device prior to the launch of the app, and already over 50,000 patients have downloaded it in just the last several weeks. In addition to the app, the company also introduced a newly redesigned website where patients can access Ro’s entire platform – from telehealth visits to in-home diagnostics and online pharmacy. Together, they serve as the go-to destinations for Ro’s patients to manage their health – especially as more than one in five patients already use Ro for multiple treatments and goals. Regardless of what they want to achieve, Ro can help them discover and connect them with providers, treatments, at-home tests and educational resources that can help them along their individual health journeys.

The Ro app is available for download on iOS today.

About Ro

Ro is a direct-to-patient healthcare company with a mission of helping patients achieve their health goals by delivering the most convenient and effective care possible. Ro is the only company to offer telehealth and in-home care, diagnostics, labs, and pharmacy services nationwide. This is enabled by Ro's vertically integrated platform that helps patients achieve their goals through a convenient end-to-end healthcare experience spanning from diagnosis, to delivery of medication, to ongoing care. Since 2017, Ro has helped millions of patients in every single county in the United States, including 99% of primary care deserts. Visit for more information.