Ro Acquires Workpath to Offer In-Home Care Services Nationwide

Combining virtual and in-home care delivery on Ro's vertically-integrated platform creates new paradigm for patient-first healthcare

Workpath's API will continue to be available to other companies to power in-home care services across the healthcare sector

NEW YORK, NY — December 8, 2020 — Ro, the healthcare technology company, today announced it has acquired Workpath, a software platform that enables healthcare companies to offer on-demand, in-home care and diagnostic services with a simple API. The acquisition allows Ro to seamlessly integrate virtual and in-person care on its own platform and offer these in-home capabilities to other healthcare companies. The ability to send healthcare professionals to, and conduct diagnostic tests in, a patient's home significantly expands the scope of Ro's vertically-integrated platform and advances the company's strategy of becoming a patient's first call for all of their healthcare needs.

Zachariah Reitano, Co-Founder and CEO of Ro, said: "Ten years from now, more healthcare services will be delivered online or in-home than in every hospital, doctors office, or pharmacy combined, and this acquisition will help accelerate that change. The powerful new platform we're creating enables Ro, and countless other healthcare companies, to deliver care whenever and wherever patients need it. We look forward to welcoming Workpath to the Ro family and together setting a new standard for vertically integrated healthcare delivery."

Operating independently as an autonomous entity, Workpath and its API will continue to be available to other healthcare companies, enabling them to dispatch healthcare professionals to perform services ranging from blood draws to vaccinations and other primary care services, all from the comfort of a patient's home. The company's full-service platform includes scheduling and dispatch software, a nationwide network of healthcare providers, diagnostic processing and reporting, and more. Ro's offering of Workpath's platform will position the combined company as an integral part of the healthcare industry's transition to connect the best of virtual and in-person care.

Eddie Peloke, CEO of Workpath, said: "We are excited to be joining forces with Ro to create a leader in delivering care to patients when and where they need it. Like Workpath, Ro shares a dedication to using technology to simplify healthcare for providers and patients alike. This transaction is a clear validation of our team's hard work and the significant opportunities that lie ahead."

Ro-affiliated providers will leverage Workpath's API to order in-home care or diagnostic services for patients, greatly expanding the scope of conditions that can be treated or managed through Ro's platform. In doing so, Ro will seamlessly connect a patient's doctor, pharmacy, and lab on its vertically-integrated platform, enabling end-to-end care from diagnosis to the delivery of medication to ongoing care. Given that seven of every ten healthcare decisions require blood work, Ro will start by offering in-home phlebotomy (blood test) services with results directly delivered through Ro's platform.

About Ro

Ro is the healthcare technology company building a patient-centric healthcare system. Ro's vertically-integrated primary care platform powers a personalized, end-to-end healthcare experience from diagnosis, to delivery of medication, to ongoing care. With a nationwide provider network, in-home care API, and proprietary pharmacy distribution centers, Ro seamlessly connects telehealth, diagnostics, and pharmacy services to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare without the need for insurance. Since 2017, Ro has facilitated more than five million digital healthcare visits in nearly every county in the United States, including 98% of primary care deserts. Visit for more information.

About Workpath

Workpath, a Ro company, is a technology platform that powers on-demand, in-home healthcare services nationwide. Workpath's API enables healthcare companies to dispatch phlebotomists and other providers to perform services ranging from blood draws to vaccinations, all from the comfort of a patient's home. The company's full-service platform includes scheduling and dispatch software, a nationwide network of healthcare professionals, diagnostic processing and reporting, and more. Workpath is available to 95% of patients across the country and facilitates in-home healthcare services for clinical trial operators, Fortune 100 companies and the nation's largest diagnostic laboratories.