Ro Launches Weight Loss Program With GLP-1 Medications, Lab Testing, 1:1 Coaching, and Personalized Provider Care

Ro Body Program offers a seamless patient experience to help those with obesity reach their weight loss goals

Ozempic pens with the Body Program equipment

January 20, 2023 – Ro, the leading direct-to-patient healthcare company, announced today the launch of the Ro Body Program, a comprehensive weight loss program that provides access to GLP-1 medications, the most effective prescription obesity treatments available. Ro aims to help millions of Americans living with obesity achieve their weight loss goals through access to prescription treatment supported by personalized provider care, diagnostic testing with at-home sample collection, and 1:1 coaching from nurses.

“For too long, we’ve judged, shamed, and blamed those living with obesity, treating their weight as their fault. It’s time obesity became more than a chronic condition in name only – and we treat it as such too: with a doctor, medication, and ongoing care,” said Zachariah Reitano, CEO and Co-founder of Ro. “GLP-1 medications represent the chance for a breakthrough in obesity treatment, but to unlock this potential, more patients need access to them plus the care and coaching that makes treatment most effective. Ro delivers on this, offering convenient, ongoing care for patients nationwide – to finally give people the support they need to achieve their weight loss goals."

The Ro Body Program starts with each patient completing an online visit detailing their health history and goals. Then patients receive an at-home metabolic test that they complete and mail back to Ro’s lab for processing (measuring A1C, cholesterol, thyroid, and kidney health). Next, patients meet with their provider via video visit to review the lab results and answer any additional questions their provider may have to inform a personalized treatment plan. Ro also works on behalf of our patients who are prescribed GLP-1 medications to gain insurance coverage for their treatment. Once the program begins, patients receive ongoing coaching from nurses about their treatment plan as well as education on nutrition, sleep, exercise, lifestyle changes, and more. They also benefit from weight tracking via an included connected scale as well as check-ins with their provider to track progress, manage challenges, facilitate prescription renewals, and make personalized adjustments to their journey.

GLP-1 medications support weight loss by sending signals to the brain and body that help regulate metabolism and help patients feel full and satiated longer. Based on clinical trials, with the use of GLP-1 medications and lifestyle adjustments, patients can anticipate losing 10-18% of their body weight (based on the average weight loss in three 68 week clinical trials). 

“Achieving a healthy weight is one of the keys to a long and healthy life—reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers, lowering A1c and blood pressure, and improving mental health, energy levels, and sex drive,” said Melynda Barnes, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Ro. “Ro not only expands access to effective GLP-1 medications, but also gives each patient regular consultations with their provider, ongoing coaching, and convenient follow-up to maintain their progress. This powerful combination, we believe, will help unlock significant weight loss for our patients – and hopefully many of the quality of life benefits that come along with it.”

The introduction of the Ro Body Program builds upon the success of Ro’s existing weight loss offering. To date, Ro has helped more than 160,000 patients progress toward their weight loss goals with Plenity through a first-of-its-kind partnership with its manufacturer, Gelesis. This partnership was the first time an FDA-cleared weight management aid or primary care product was made available at launch nationwide via telehealth – providing immediate access to patients regardless of insurance status, zip code, or provider availability in their area. 

To learn more about the Ro Body Program, click here.

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