Ro Introduces the Ro Operating System (ro.OS)

Technology designed to make it easy for millions of patients to access the most effective healthcare

May 1, 2024 – Ro, the leading direct-to-patient healthcare company, today introduced the Ro Operating System (ro.OS) – its technology platform delivering seamless, high-quality care journeys for millions of patients. In the making for over six years, ro.OS vertically integrates nationwide telehealth, lab and pharmacy services powered by a proprietary suite of applications, tools, and features. ro.OS is built to help patients more easily and effectively achieve their health goals. 

“Today, high-quality care is a handmade luxury good. As a society, the only way that we have turned luxuries that only a few can access into commodities that everyone can access is through technology. This is what we set out to do at Ro, to build technology that makes it as easy as possible for millions of people to access the most effective healthcare,” said Saman Rahmanian, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Ro.

The ro.OS connects the core parts of the healthcare system through four end-user applications:

  • Patient App: The Patient App puts patients in control of their care journey every step of the way. It is a single stop for patients to message a provider, report a side effect, track progress, access medical records, and manage goals.

  • Care Delivery App: The Care Delivery App is a provider’s homebase for effectively delivering, documenting, and monitoring patient care. Whether counseling a patient, reviewing lab results, or making changes to a treatment plan, providers benefit from tools that surface the right information at the right time, scale their expertise, and support the quality and safety of care.

  • Pharmacy App: The Pharmacy App integrates pharmacists directly into a patient’s care journey so that they get real-time patient insights and can proactively coordinate with providers, identify potential safety concerns, and offer fast and reliable nationwide medication fulfillment.

  • Lab App: The Lab App integrates testing into a patient’s care journey, connects them with at-home or in-person options, and offers automated results delivery. Together, this helps patients get a full picture of their health and providers make more informed treatment decisions.

The ro.OS, its four applications as well as the tools and services housed within them, has already helped millions of patients access care, delivered tens of millions of treatments, and facilitated hundreds of millions of care interactions.

“The healthcare system is rightly obsessed with quality of care, but doesn't do as well making it available to everyone who needs it. Too many patients lack convenient access, or any access at all, to care that can help them effectively achieve their health goals,” said Dr. Melynda Barnes, Chief Medical Officer of Ro. “In the ro.OS, we built technology to make high-quality care easier at every step of the journey millions of times over, from a patient getting a lab test, to a provider navigating an EMR, or a pharmacist filling a prescription.”

Ro’s team continues to add to and strengthen the ro.OS suite of applications and features. This work is supported by clinical evidence and research, ongoing patient feedback, and insights from Ro-affiliated providers, as well as Ro’s network of expert clinical advisors. Learn more about the ro.OS and stay up-to-date on the latest features at: 

About Ro Ro is a direct-to-patient healthcare company with a mission of helping patients achieve their health goals by delivering the easiest, most effective care possible. Ro is the only company to offer nationwide telehealth, labs, and pharmacy services. This is enabled by Ro's vertically integrated platform that helps patients achieve their goals through a convenient, end-to-end healthcare experience spanning from diagnosis, to delivery of medication, to ongoing care. Since 2017, Ro has helped millions of patients in nearly every single county in the United States, including 98% of primary care deserts. Visit for more information.