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Step One

Order your kit

Our proprietary kit is discreetly delivered to you, so you can collect your sperm from the comfort of your home. The Ro Sperm Kit protects your sample from extreme temperatures until it reaches our partner lab, New England Cryogenic Center. When you’re ready, simply drop off your kit at any UPS Location for free overnight shipping back to the lab.

Step Two

Get your semen analysis report in 48 hours

Within 48 hours of receipt, a lab technician examines your sample to evaluate your sperm count, concentration and motility. We’ll email you a personalized semen analysis report.

Congrats! You’re now storing 160 million motile sperm in our partner lab.

Sperm Count240 million

The number of sperm measured in your sample.

Sperm Concentration53 million/mL

The number of sperm per milliliter measured within your sample.

Sperm Motility62%

The percent of your sperm in the sample which are motile.

Step three

Store your sample

Healthy sample are cryogenically stored in our partner lab, New England Cryogenic Center’s state-of-the-art lab facility for $149/year. Your kit includes 1 year of free storage. We’re committed to giving you a low-cost, long-term option for sperm storage.

Cryopreserved at our established partner facility

We partner with the New England Cryogenic Center, one of the largest full-service cryogenics labs in the world founded in 1971.

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We store 3 vials from each sample

Each viable sample is divided into 3 separate vials, giving you up to 3 opportunities to fertilize an egg per kit. When you’re ready to retrieve your sperm, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll coordinate delivery directly to your physician.

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Healthy samples are cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen at -321° F, suspending all metabolic processes.

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Storage is supervised by a staff of highly trained cryogenic and laboratory professionals at our partner lab, New England Cryogenic Center.

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Our strict policies ensure that your privacy and identity is maintained throughout the entire process.

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Protect Your Deposit With Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing

We recommend STI testing for everyone who intends on analyzing a semen sample followed by cryopreservation. While your journey today might not involve assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, an STI test associated with your sample around the time of analysis and storage would enable retrieval and use in the future (we suggest within 10 days). A negative STI test associated with your specimen rules out STI related complications and reduces possible risk to mother and baby. Fertility clinics have varying requirements for accepting and using semen samples. Depending on your specific circumstances and the clinic you choose to use, completing STI testing within 10 days of storing your sample generates a report close to the time of sample cryopreservation which may be used as proof of a negative test for use of your sample at a later date. For more information on what kind of STI testing you might need, see our FAQ link below.


The most trusted, easiest, and fastest way totest & store your sperm

The Ro Sperm Kit
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Semen Analysis + 1 Kit + 3 Vials Stored
3 vials of your sperm storedSemen analysis reportFREE 1 year storage CLIA certified sperm analysis at our partner lab, NECC48 hour semen analysis report turnaroundHSA/FSA eligible2-factor security authenticationTamper-proof kit
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Some sperm is lost and damaged during the transport, storage, freezing, and thawing process. The semen analysis reflects values at the time of the analysis, after transport and before freezing. These values will decrease throughout the freezing and thawing process. A semen analysis alone cannot be used to predict fertility.
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