How Do I Freeze My Sperm?

Sperm freezing is a sophisticated process that needs appropriate temperature and chemicals. The preservative chemicals like liquid nitrogen and other cryoprotectants enable sperm to freeze without damaging the cells.

Many sperm freezing services are accessible to the public these days. But it is crucial to find a service that sets the highest standards of care. The freezing and thawing process may take a toll on sperm cells and damage their structure or DNA. A step-wise approach reduces the possibility of error. The sperm freezing process has the following phases:

#1 You Go Through Sperm Analysis Testing Before Freezing

Sperm freezing requires a set of protocols. These measures are in place to guarantee successful procedures and high pregnancy outcomes.

Sperm analysis testing is sufficient to proceed with the freezing. A sperm analysis provides information about the fertilization potential and health of sperm. This is why a semen analysis is requested prior to moving forward to preservation.

Ro offers home testing kits for sperm analysis testing. These are great because in-home testing gives you peace of mind and comfort, and does not require additional clinic visits.

Once you have your sperm analysis report, you can take it from there. If your sperm parameters are in normal ranges, you can immediately go for sperm freezing. However, if you have low sperm count or motility, it may be a good idea to follow a sperm improvement guide to enhance your sperm health before preservation. This may help to ensure that you only save robust sperm cells that can tolerate the brunt of freezing and thawing.

#2 You Collect Sample and Deposit It To Store Your Sperm

The next step after sperm analysis testing is depositing the sample for freezing. Ro, allows you to both test and store with the same deposit.

#3 Your Sperm Are Frozen

When you deposit your sample, it is mixed with chemicals (expanders) and frozen in special refrigerators.

Programmable Freezers

Sperm freezing needs special programmable freezers. These freezers are capable of maintaining a fixed temperature consistently in the chamber. The temperature setting is vital in ensuring the viability of sperm.


Another essential product required for productive sperm freezing is a cryoprotectant or expander. Besides being the temperature-lowering agents, these chemicals protect sperm viability and make the thawing process smooth. The standard expanders are zinc and glycerol mixed with egg yolk. You need to be familiar with the benefits of these chemicals to understand the process. Knowing these facts also gives you peace of mind that your sperm are safe.

  • They provide energy to sperm cells without compromising the integrity of their molecular structures. Sperm need the energy to live. In your body, fructose in semen provides this energy. When semen is not present or frozen, your sperm cells have no food to eat. So, they end up burning their inner cellular molecules to produce power to survive. That may damage the sperm cells and interfere with the safe preservation of fertility. To prevent this process and its results, cryoprotectants are added to the medium. They help in feeding sperm cells and keeping them alive without cellular damage.
  • An appropriate environment (not too acidic or basic) promotes sperm viability and preservation. These extenders help to achieve a favorable environment and pH.
  • The freezing and thawing process makes sperm vulnerable to the entry of excessive water in them. It leads to the bursting and lysis of sperm cells. Cryoprotectants keep it in check and increase their survival.
  • Your semen is a natural medium for sperm. While saving the sperm cells, you cannot separate them from semen. So, semen consistency also makes a difference. It needs to be appropriately thin for effective freezing and thawing. These substances ensure suitable dilution and long-term sperm freezing without compromise in semen integrity.
  • Cryoprotectants also diminish the possibility of cross-contamination of sperm samples. They kill microbes (bacteria and viruses) in the sample and preserve it safely.

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Some sperm is lost and damaged during the transport, storage, freezing, and thawing process. The semen analysis reflects values at the time of the analysis, after transport and before freezing. These values will decrease throughout the freezing and thawing process. A semen analysis alone cannot be used to predict fertility.
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