What Affects Sperm Health?

The factors that determine the quality of sperm can be broadly categorized into these main areas:

Dietary Elements

You are what you eat, and your diet influences your reproductive health. An unhealthy diet also interferes with the production of hormones. Since testosterone and other hormones are crucial for maintaining fertility, their secretion disturbances result in low-quality sperm. Therefore, altering your diet may improve your fertility levels.

Lifestyle Choices

There are a number of lifestyle choices that may impact your fertility. Some of these choices include smoking, use of illicit drugs, physical activity, and even your career.

For example, A sedentary lifestyle and obesity have a strong correlation to male infertility. Moreover, jobs that demand prolonged sitting can interfere with sperm production.

In short, small lifestyle changes can boost your sperm quality.

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Pay over time with Affirm