How Can I Test My Fertility?

Semen Analysis Testing In A Clinic

Individuals can go to a fertility clinic or a laboratory to get a semen analysis. The sample is collected in a cup by masturbation.

The laboratory staff examines the sample under a microscope and drafts a report within a few days. The in-clinic test is often expensive and needs a referral from the doctor.

Semen Analysis Testing In Your Home

Another way to acquire a semen analysis is to test semen with an in-home kit. Collecting a sample at home may be appealing for individuals because the collection process in an office or clinic often makes men nervous. You can purchase a sperm testing kit, and send your sample for analysis after collecting the sample in your home.

In-home testing is not only comfortable, but also cost-effective and private.

How Do I Prepare For Testing My Sperm?

Semen analysis does not require special preparation or medication. It, however, demands an appropriate abstinence time. You need to avoid ejaculation for a specific time to achieve a healthy semen sample.

Does Semen Analysis Testing Have Any Side Effects?

A semen analysis does not have any side effects.

What Factors Could Influence Sperm Test Results?

  • An inappropriate abstinence time or sample collection results in false test results
  • People often prefer using lubricants while collecting semen. Some of these may have detrimental effects on the sample.
  • Some herbal medications (such as St.John’s wort) and allopathic medicines (like cimetidine) also have a negative impact of semen testing.
  • Other factors like tobacco, recreational drugs, caffeine, and alcohol may also negatively impact semen analysis. Their effect is slightly indirect because they have a prominent association with infertility instead of testing technique.
  • Time taken for the sample to reach the laboratory and preservative for sperm protection also plays a role in the accuracy of results.

How Can I Improve Sperm Analysis Results?

Depending on the cause, infertility may be treatable. Many couples conceive successfully with fertility treatments. You can also improve your results with simple lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise.

Another secure way to ensure fertility is to freeze your sperm. If your semen analysis shows healthy sperm, it may be a good idea to preserve them at their healthiest state. It saves you a lot of money and time you may spend in the future to get fertility investigations and treatments.

Read our 10 Steps To Improve Sperm Quality guide to improve your sperm and fertility.

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Some sperm is lost and damaged during the transport, storage, freezing, and thawing process. The semen analysis reflects values at the time of the analysis, after transport and before freezing. These values will decrease throughout the freezing and thawing process. A semen analysis alone cannot be used to predict fertility.
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Pay over time with Affirm