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The most trusted, easiest, and fastest way totest & store your sperm

The Ro Sperm Kit
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Semen Analysis + 1 Kit + 3 Vials Stored
3 vials of your sperm storedSemen analysis reportFREE 1 year storage CLIA certified sperm analysis at our partner lab, NECC48 hour semen analysis report turnaroundHSA/FSA eligible2-factor security authenticationTamper-proof kit
Some sperm is lost and damaged during the transport, storage, freezing, and thawing process. The semen analysis reflects values at the time of the analysis, after transport and before freezing. These values will decrease throughout the freezing and thawing process. A semen analysis alone cannot be used to predict fertility.
Pay over time with Affirm
Pay over time with Affirm

6 Key Benefits of Our Advanced Sperm Storage and Testing Technology

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Secure Your Sample

Protect your identity

Each kit is secured by a 2-Factor Authentication security system. Advanced collection cup ID and security band ID combine to ensure secure semen samples every time.

Protected from Extreme Temperatures and Accidents

We built the world’s only tamperproof, shock proof, and drop proof kit to ensure end-to-end security, because accidents happen and this is your future.

Maximize Sperm Storage

Advanced sperm transport capsule

Protects sperm survival from extreme temperatures.

Advanced Kit Technology

Temperature controlled kit

With the only temperature protection kit in the world, your sperm is protected from temperature fluctuations as it transits back to our partner lab.

Integrated components

Other at home kits are made of a plastic cup and cardboard box. Ours isn’t.

Travel-proof design

Drop proof

Unrivaled protection with a hard-shell exterior, insulated interior, and independent capsule protection system.

Sperm Count240 million

The number of sperm measured in your sample.

Semen parameters may vary in any individual depending on many factors. The results in your report are for the sample sent only and may differ from other samples in the same individual.

Top medical standards


Get a semen analysis report by certified lab technicians.

24/7 - 365

Semen samples are securely stored at our partner Cryogenic Lab Facility in Massachusets, the New England Cryogenic Center ("NECC").


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The Ro Sperm Kit being opened at home
The Ro Sperm Kit
Having a plan for the future was important to me. Ro has made the process simple and affordable, giving me peace of mind.”

– Joey, 39

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