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Roman Life Cellular Health Supplement

Supercharged by TRU NIAGEN®

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Unlock healthy cellular aging. Roman Life is a revolutionary supplement supercharged by TRU NIAGEN® to promote cellular...

Cellular repair

Energy production


Healthy aging

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Supercharge your cells™

Living your best life involves taking care of your cells.

Roman Life

TRU NIAGEN® increases NAD+ by 51% after 2 weeks‡

What is NAD+?

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a molecule that exists in every cell of your body and plays a critical role in cellular processes, such as energy production, metabolism, and DNA stability. NAD+ levels naturally decline with age. Physiological stressors—like alcohol, intense exercise, and lack of sleep—can also affect NAD+ levels.


Created by doctors. Backed by science.

Roman Life is formulated by our team of in‑house doctors with potent ingredients. Key ingredients include:

  • Resveratrol

    An antioxidant often found in food such as grapes and berries
  • Apigenin

    An antioxidant sourced from celery
  • Quercetin

    An antioxidant and naturally occurring plant compound
  • Nicotinamide riboside chloride

    Molecule that promotes healthy cellular aging and is clinically proven to increase NAD+

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Frequently asked questions

ChromaDex is a bioscience company specializing in healthy aging. In 2012, ChromaDex licensed patents for the nutritional uses of a compound called nicotinamide riboside (NR), commercializing it as NIAGEN®. NIAGEN® has been studied and found to be safe and clinically proven to boost levels of NAD+. ChromaDex remains at the forefront of research on NR, NAD+, and healthy aging.

TRU NIAGEN® is a branded dietary supplement produced by ChromaDex. Its sole active ingredient is NIAGEN®, the patented form of nicotinamide riboside (NR).

NAD+ is found in all living cells and plays a critical role in multiple cellular processes, including energy production, metabolism, and DNA stability. Some researchers believe that many age-related changes (such as a reduced capacity for DNA repair, reduction in cellular energy production, and reduced levels of cellular metabolism) may be related to a decline in NAD+ levels. NAD+ levels also decrease during periods when cells are fighting metabolic stressors resulting from a lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption, overeating, sun damage, and being sedentary.

Roman Life was formulated with NIAGEN®, which promotes healthy cellular aging. The supplement is a mix of four ingredients: nicotinamide riboside (NIAGEN®), resveratrol, apigenin, and quercetin. NIAGEN® is clinically proven to increase NAD+. Resveratrol, apigenin, and quercetin are antioxidants. They are all included at dosages that take into account efficacy and bioavailability data.

Clinical studies show that taking nicotinamide riboside, a key ingredient in Roman Life, led to a significant increase in NAD+ levels within 7 days. At 2 weeks, 300 mg/day of nicotinamide riboside raised NAD+ levels by 51% compared with placebo.

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