Allergic Rhinitis Treatment Plan

Your physician has reviewed your medical information and has prescribed medication to treat your allergy symptoms. This medication is specifically intended to treat allergic rhinitis and is NOT intended to treat other types of allergies (such as food allergies) or anaphylaxis.

This treatment plan provides information about allergic rhinitis and the four different medications Ro offers as treatment. Your individualized treatment may include a prescription for one or more of these medications.

As you review the treatment plan, pay particular attention to the sections that discuss your specific prescriptions. You can click here to jump directly to the side effects, contraindications, precautions, and drug interactions of each medication.

Be sure to take your time and read everything below as well as the package insert, which is available online and in print when you receive your medication. It is essential for you to understand the potential risks and benefits of treatment. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Ro-affiliated physician if you have any questions.

Telemedicine has the advantage of convenience but it relies on your honesty and your involvement in the process. Keep every healthcare provider informed of what you are taking. If any of the following occur, please contact your Ro-affiliated physician:

  • Your health status changes or you experience new symptoms

  • You experience side effects

  • The medicine does not work or stops working over time

  • You are prescribed new medications or change how you are taking your existing medications