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Medical Writer, Health Guide

Nancy LaChance is a writer with a background in nursing and in global health research and communications. She has a passion for empowering people to make health decisions with information that is accurate, engaging, and non-judgmental. Before joining Ro, she worked as a Registered Nurse and for an international NGO writing and managing communications for a multi-country family planning research program. As an RN, Nancy specializes in reproductive health and obstetrics, and has worked at Planned Parenthood, in a labor & delivery unit, and in postpartum care. Nancy is also a birth doula, an avid gardener, and enjoys reading and traveling. 


  • Undergrad: Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies & Arabic Language from McGill University

  • Nursing school: Bachelor of Nursing from Samuel Merritt University


  • Registered Nurse, Washington DC Board of Nursing

Professional accomplishments

  • Communications & Research Utilization Manager, Population Council

  • French and Arabic language translation experience

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