Steve Silvestro, MD, Ro

Associate Director, Clinical Content & Education

Dr. Steve Silvestro is a board-certified pediatrician and Associate Director, Clinical Content & Education at Ro. He also performs bone marrow harvests at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, with the bone marrow used for donation around the world.

Dr. Steve practiced pediatrics for over eleven years. During that time, he came to recognize that many of the anxieties families feel around healthcare could be relieved with clear, accurate, empathetic information. As a result of this realization, Dr. Steve has made a career of distilling complex medical information and empowering people to take control of their own health. He founded and hosts The Child Repair Guide, a multimedia parent education platform that has received coverage from multiple media outlets, including The Washington Post, Axios, and Reader’s Digest; and has produced viral content that has garnered millions of shares. He has served as an advisor to parenting-oriented startups and even coproduced a YouTube series for educating preschool children at home.

Dr. Steve is a “triple Hoya,” having completed his undergraduate, medical, and pediatric training at Georgetown University. His experiences at Georgetown were varied, from working with Patch Adams, to studying and teaching mindfulness-based practices through the Georgetown School of Medicine’s Mind-Body Medicine Program. 

At Ro, Dr. Steve works in various capacities to ensure that Ro members and the general public have the best and most impactful health information at their fingertips, allowing them to take control of their health and live their best lives.



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