Everything you need to know about the male G-spot

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Reviewed by Felix Gussone, MD, Ro, 

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last updated: Feb 03, 2022

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Ever heard of the male G-spot or “P-spot”? 

Located inside of your rectum, the “male G-spot” can be one of the body’s many erogenous zones—meaning that it’s a sensitive area of the body that can lead to sexual arousal when it’s stimulated. 

In other words, stimulating your penis isn’t the only way to have an orgasm. You can have one by stimulating your G-spot through the wall of your rectum—with a sex toy, for example—too (Morales, 2018). 

And many men—including plenty of straight men—report that prostate massage produces an orgasm that’s even more intense and pleasurable than a conventional orgasm. Some have even nicknamed prostate orgasms the “Super-O” (Levin, 2017). 

When you hear about the prostate, it’s usually because something is wrong with it. But in this article, we will focus on how the prostate can add something new to your sex life. How do you find the male G-spot, and how do you stimulate it? 

Here’s everything you need to know about the male G-spot.


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What is the male G-spot?

Your prostate gland is a walnut-sized gland located inside your pelvis, between your butt and your penis, right under your bladder. It’s part of your reproductive system, and it produces some of the fluid that you ejaculate during an orgasm. It also helps propel that ejaculate when you come (Levin, 2017).

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Because of where the prostate is located, you can actually feel it by inserting a finger into the rectum. 

There isn’t a medical definition of the male G-spot, or P-spot, but it’s best described as a sensitive portion on the surface of your prostate that you can feel through the wall of your rectum. (When you push against the wall of your rectum, your prostate will feel like a rounded lump of tissue.) 

The P-spot is thought to be composed of a dense bundle of nerve endings, and stimulating those nerves can produce intense sexual pleasure. Interestingly, scientists are not exactly sure how prostate stimulation induces ecstatic feelings. Some think it’s thanks to the nerves passing along the outer surface of the gland (prostatic plexus), others suggest it is via the nervous innervation of the prostate itself (Morales, 2018; Levin, 2017).

Where is the male G-spot?

It’s located a few inches inside of your rectum and on the front side of your body. If you reached forward between your legs and put a finger inside your anus, you’d touch your G-spot by curling your finger back toward the front of your body (Levin, 2017).

You can also stimulate your G-spot by rubbing or otherwise stimulating your perineum (aka your taint). That’s the area of skin between your scrotum and anus. Your prostate is basically up above your taint.  

How to stimulate the male G-spot

You can enjoy anal play by yourself during masturbation, or a partner can stimulate your G-spot for you. Here’s how to get the most enjoyment out of the experience.

Take a bathroom break

Massaging the prostate can give you the sensation of having to pee or poop. It can also cause those things to happen, sometimes without much warning. Going to the restroom beforehand can ensure there are no accidents. 

Ask for consent

Your partner may not want their G-spot played with. Even if they do, they might prefer some foreplay or advance stimulation—for example, massaging their taint—before they’re ready for anything to go inside their anus. Make sure you have permission before you proceed.

Come prepared

Vibrators, prostate stimulators, or other sex toys like butt plugs, especially those designed for “prostate play,” can help you stimulate your own or your partner’s prostate. But even if you’re using your hands, some lube can help everything go smoothly.

A condom on your finger(s) or latex glove can also come in handy. Either can prevent infections caused by dirty digits or fingernails. Also, chances are there’s going to be some fecal matter involved, unless you’ve thoroughly douched yourself before. Using protection can ensure it (and the bacteria it may harbor) doesn’t end up where it could make someone sick.

Give yourself a manicure

And speaking of fingernails, you don’t want to have any if you’re going to be putting a digit inside a rectum. Trimming and filing your nails—and cleaning your hands thoroughly—can help protect sensitive parts from cuts, abrasions, or infections.

Don’t skip the foreplay

Massaging the taint, as well as the area around the anus, are helpful types of foreplay that can increase arousal and anticipation—both of which make G-spot stimulation more pleasurable. Again, communication is key. Ask your partner what they like and follow instructions. 

Taking a hot shower or bath can also help you or your partner relax, making the experience more enjoyable. 

Take things slow

When it’s time for penetration, slower is better. Whether you’re using a finger or a toy, take your time and ease it in. 

Experiment to find what works

The prostate will feel like a rounded lump of tissue. Once you’ve found it, rubbing it in a circular or up-and-down motion is a good way to start. Try different motions and speeds to find one that feels best. 

Meanwhile, don’t neglect the rest of your partner’s (or your own) anatomy. Stroking or sucking their penis or balls while massaging their P-spot can take the pleasure up multiple notches. You could also massage their taint so that their prostate is being stimulated from both the inside and outside of their body. Different sex positions may provide better access or sensations, so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Wash your hands

The prostate is located inside the rectum. Even if you don’t see any fecal matter on your finger after stimulating your or your partner’s P-spot, it’s better to wash your hands before touching other parts of your or your partner’s body (i.e., vagina, penis, mouth, or eyes) to avoid infections. 

Keep in mind that prostate stimulation isn’t for everyone, just as anal sex isn’t for everyone. You may find it’s not to you or your partner’s tastes. But you’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t give it a shot.    


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