Panel: How Teams Simultaneously Build and Use Vertically Integrated Platforms

Written by Ro 

Written by Ro 

last updated: Mar 01, 2022

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Tech teams want to solve some of the most complex problems in our society. How they go about doing this while achieving a successful business and impactful product can depend on how they hone their culture and their craft. In these panel discussions hosted by Ro’s Tech Org, we bring together leaders from top tech companies to explore concepts, philosophies, and best practices that drive forward their respective organizations.

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March 14th at 1pm ETWhen a company’s product encompasses the entire user journey for a given job-to-be-done, we often describe it as being “vertically integrated.” Vertical integration unlocks a lot of potential for a company to scale and chase opportunities. For engineering teams, it can mean a lot of ownership and control over the destiny of your platform, and a feeling of building the plane while flying.How does that impact the way a team builds? How do you hire and structure teams to support growing a vertically integrated product? What opportunities or challenges does this strategy present?In conversation with engineering and data leaders from Doordash, Etsy, Transfix, and Ro, we’ll explore the impact of vertically integration on their companies, their roadmaps, and their careers. Join us on March 14th at 1pm ET.

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Read more about these panelists below:

Patty Delgado — Senior Director of Engineering, Ro

Patty Delgado is an experienced engineering leader who has built and empowered high-performing teams in media, affiliate commerce, and telehealth industries. Most recently she’s joined Ro as Senior Director of Engineering where she focuses on scaling the engineering organization as well as leading teams that own the end to end patient experience. When away from her computer, she can be found reading sci-fi novels, watching reruns of Law and Order, and drinking wine.

Carolyn Huangci – Data Science & Analytics Manager,DoorDash

Carol leads the Merchant Monetization team to identify and explore opportunities to grow merchant revenue using experimentation and modeling. Prior to DoorDash, Carolyn was a data scientist at BuzzFeed and worked on optimizing content views across BuzzFeed destinations. She received her Bachelors in Applied Mathematics from the University of California Berkeley.

Karina Ruzinov — Director of Engineering, Transfix

Karina Ruzinov, Director of Engineering at Transfix, leads a multifaceted team that works to build incredible technology solving some of the world’s biggest, most complex challenges in the freight and logistics industry. Responsible for ensuring cross-collaboration across the organization, Ruzinov and her team create endless opportunities to make an $800 billion dollar industry a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable place to work. Previously, she’s worked at Warby Parker and Refinery29.

Morgan McCrory — Engineering Manager, Etsy

Morgan is an Engineering Manager at Etsy, where she leads product teams that focus on building mobile web features and optimizing performance. She has eight years of previous experience as a full stack engineer, with expertise in JavaScript and React. She is passionate about creating a growth-oriented environment for her teams, and building exciting customer-facing products.