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triamcinolone cream 0.1% solution (generic Kenalog)

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please talk to a healthcare provider.

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hand holding Roman eczema treatment
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If you’ve been diagnosed with eczema, you’ll share your symptoms, medical history, and a picture of affected area(s) with a Ro-affiliated doctor or nurse practitioner to find out if triamcinolone cream is an appropriate treatment.

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Triamcinolone Cream

A few things to know

Triamcinolone is a medium-potency steroid cream. Steroid creams, including triamcinolone, are considered effective for both the treatment of active eczema as well as the prevention of flare-ups.

Triamcinolone is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology as a first-line treatment.

Many people start to see improvement within a few days, and may experience at least some relief even after one or two applications.

If you’re prescribed medication, you’ll have ongoing care with unlimited and free messaging with your doctor or nurse practitioner throughout your treatment.


Skin conditions may sometimes be difficult to definitively diagnose by telemedicine. At this time, we are only offering treatment for eczema if you have previously been diagnosed with eczema by a doctor or other healthcare provider.

Triamcinolone cream is a corticosteroid cream. There are many different types of steroid creams, and triamcinolone 0.1% cream is considered medium potency on that spectrum—it’s stronger than the type of cream you might find over the counter, such as hydrocortisone, but not the strongest available type of steroid cream. Stronger formulations are used only for very severe cases, as they are associated with more serious side effects that may require monitoring.

Triamcinolone cream is the generic form of the brand name medication Kenalog. The two medications are considered equivalent. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that generic drugs demonstrate bioequivalence to the brand name drug, which means they act the same way in the body and are expected to produce the same effects as the original brand name drug.

Like all corticosteroids, triamcinolone blocks the immune system at the cellular level. The underlying cause of eczema is overactivity of the immune system. Certain triggers in the environment, including heat, chemicals in soaps and laundry detergents, and allergens like pollen and dust, can produce or worsen eczema symptoms on the skin. These symptoms include dryness and itching, and the appearance of scaly patches of skin, particularly on the hands, insides of the elbows and knees, upper chest, and other areas. By blocking the immune system at the cellular level, triamcinolone reduces the intensity of the skin’s reaction to allergens. This translates to decreased itching and redness (or discoloration in people with darker skin tones), and less scaly skin.

Apply a thin layer of cream to the affected area(s) and rub in until the cream is fully absorbed. For active flare-ups, apply twice a day for two weeks or as directed by your physician. In some cases, your physician may prescribe a small dose between flares to help prevent them from happening or help reduce the severity. This may involve using the steroid cream 2–3 times per week or only on weekends, for example. If you think you may need this type of preventative treatment, ask your doctor.

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What you should know before using triamcinolone cream 0.1%.

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