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Take care of your mental health—affordably, reliably, and on your schedule.

Ro Mind is designed to be your partner and help you feel more like you as you navigate treatment for mental healthcare. Take the first step by completing an online assessment now.

How Ro Mind Works For You

Ro Mind OV Question
Ro Mind OV Question
A comprehensive mental health evaluation

After you complete your online assessment, patients will be able to schedule a live, one-on-one video chat with a healthcare provider within the next few days. On a video call, your provider will:

  • Review your medical and psychiatric history

  • Discuss your symptoms

  • Develop a treatment plan that’s right for you, if appropriate

Ro Mind medication bottle
Ro Mind medication bottle
Optimized treatment plans with medication (if prescribed)
  • Prescribed medication comes to your door with free 2-day shipping

  • Or, pick up your medication at a pharmacy of your choice

Ro Mind patient illustration
Ro Mind patient illustration
Thoughtful and ongoing provider support

Your provider will be there to offer guidance every step of the way.

  • Regular check-ins with your provider to discuss how your treatment plan is going

  • Message your provider at any time (expect responses within 48 hours during regular working hours)

  • Schedule up to three virtual visits with your provider per month

Ro Mind Depression virtual session with Dr. Mia Handler
Ro Mind Depression virtual session with Dr. Mia Handler
Explore topics that matter to your mental health with Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions are pre-recorded, educational videos created by accomplished mental healthcare experts. You can learn from Virtual Sessions on your terms—you’ll have 24/7 access to videos and exercises.

  • Virtual Sessions make it easy to learn valuable tools to manage your mental health.

  • Learn about an extensive list of topics, including tools to cope with anxiety and depression, and how to get a better night’s sleep.

  • Expect regularly refreshed content that you can access anytime.

“You are ready to take charge of your anxiety and depression.”

- Dr. Mia Handler, Ro Mind Medical Advisor

Treatment plans tailored to your goals

Along with provider check-ins, treatment for anxiety and depression through Ro Mind includes FDA-approved prescription medication, if appropriate. Your provider will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan. If you are currently being treated, you and your provider can decide together whether it’s best to switch from a current medication or to stick with one that you know works for you.

Prescription medication for anxiety and depression can take 4–6 weeks to begin working, and it is not uncommon to try multiple medications or dosages before finding the one that's best for you.

Our Medical Advisory Board

Patient care designed by leading medical experts

  • Dr. Mia Handler

    Dr. Mia Handler


    "By understanding that no two people are the same, it becomes clear that every individual has their own path to healing and wellness."

  • Dr. Jeff Gardere

    Dr. Jeff Gardere

    Ph.D., ABPP

    "My mission is to smash the stigma of addressing mental illness and help people access the care that will change their lives for the better."

  • Dr. Jorge Petit

    Dr. Jorge Petit


    "As a public-sector psychiatrist, my mission has been to create an accessible, equitable, and high-quality healthcare environment – especially for those individuals most impacted by social determinants of health."

  • Dr. Sharon Parish

    Dr. Sharon Parish


    "To provide multidimensional mental health care we must integrate all aspects of an individual’s experience – including their biological, psychological, social, and cultural background."