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Educational content developed by leading mental health experts—Virtual Sessions expand on how you think about mental health, teaching you techniques and tips that may help you develop new skills or gain some knowledge.

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Start now Ro Mind offers customized treatment plans, which include prescription medication (if appropriate) and provider check-ins, as well as dynamic, self-guided Virtual Sessions.

self‑guided classes

Virtual Sessions are pre-filmed, interactive classes that incorporate video and self-guided exercises. Regularly refreshed, the Virtual Session library will have a wide range of relevant topics that dive into mental health.

We know your mental health care journey is unique, and that’s why you can look forward to discovering content from a diverse group of mental health experts covering topics from Workplace Burnout to Managing Mondays—get energized with knowledge.

”The Virtual Sessions are great, they've given me techniques to use when I'm feeling like I'm in a hole”

Sara, 36, Ro Mind member
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Self-guided exercises

You’ll have unlimited and 24/7 access to the Virtual Sessions library.

Regularly updated

Our library of videos will have a steady flow of fresh, relevant topics.

Diverse experts

You can expect talks from experts that share and understand your experiences.

Exclusive content

Virtual Sessions are for Ro Mind members only.

Ro Mind offers prescription medication (if appropriate), 1:1 provider check-ins, and exclusive Virtual Sessions.