Introducing the Ro Mobile App

Written by Saman Rahmanian 

Written by Saman Rahmanian 

last updated: Dec 20, 2022

2 min read

Ro is constantly innovating on behalf of our patients to deliver the most convenient healthcare experience possible. Whether our patients want to have better sex, better skin, have kids one day, or lose weight, it’s so important that Ro makes it easy for them to navigate their healthcare so they can achieve their goals. We recently made a significant leap in improving this convenience with our new Ro mobile app!

Launching a mobile app was important to us for many reasons, particularly when it comes to providing equitable access to Ro’s products and services. Prior to the app, 80% of patients were already coming to Ro on a mobile device. Plus, our own research showed that patients who are part of historically marginalized communities of color were significantly more likely to use a smartphone to access our platform.

It was obvious what our patients wanted — a healthcare experience that’s seamlessly available where and when they need it.

With the Ro mobile app, we can offer unmatched access to our vertically integrated platform. This means no more waiting for an in-person appointment every time you have a question — just open the app and start chatting with your providers. No more searching the internet to dig through unreliable websites to learn more about your health goals — just open the app and scroll our Discover feed. No more wondering when your next prescription refill is scheduled to arrive — just open the app and track your orders. Through this patient-centric user experience, we hope to help more and more patients reach their health goals.

Here’s a look at what the new Ro mobile app empowers you to do:

Access a personalized care plan to achieve your health goals

Stay on top of your treatment plans with check-in visits

Discover products or services related to your goals

Get to know your healthcare team and message your provider any time

Explore a library of educational content and media resources

The response from our patients has been incredibly rewarding. In a matter of weeks, we’ve seen over 66K downloads and more than 570 reviews at a 4.9 average app store rating. Our patients are loving the new app experience:

The Ro mobile app is a clear demonstration of our team’s dedication to always start with what our patients want, to think big about how to improve our patient experience, and to inch by inch fight for the convenient and effective healthcare our patients deserve. I’m so proud of the work Ro’ers have done to bring this beautiful app to life!

Check out the Ro mobile app for yourself — download here.