Michigan Patients Deserve Better

Written by Ro 

Written by Ro 

last updated: Jun 14, 2024

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When it comes to GLP-1s, patients deserve better. That became particularly clear for Michigan patients recently when Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the state’s largest insurer, notified its members (who shared the letter on Reddit) that it will rather abruptly pull the rug out from underneath them.

Details of the health plan’s coverage changes are here – and were reported by Bloomberg. The short of it is that beginning on August 1, all patients with an active prescription for a GLP-1 medication for weight management will face new hurdles to keeping it through the end of the year (including limiting access to telehealth providers, despite BCBS data showing higher persistence for patients who accessed GLP-1s via telehealth), when they’ll then promptly lose all coverage. Undoubtedly, cost was a driving factor for the plan (more on this in Endpoints).

Patients deserve better 

We know that many patients across the country lack coverage of GLP-1s for obesity. So perhaps these BCBS MI members may have previously considered themselves fortunate it was an option at all. They accessed treatment – dealing with the stigma so often associated with seeking it, securing an appointment with a provider who could offer appropriate care, and navigating the prior authorization process.

Now, after starting treatment that could potentially change their lives, they’re left in the lurch. 

These are the challenges that Ro takes on for patients each and every day, so here’s what we can do for Mighiganders.

$100 credit toward a Ro Body membership

Any BCBS MI member who was affected by this change in coverage can sign up for our Body membership and receive a one-time credit in their account to be used on Ro (automatically applied to their next purchase).

How it works

Patients can visit https://ro.co/weight-loss/ to learn more about how easy it is to get their care journey started with Ro. Once they create an account, patients can email us at [email protected] with the following:

  • The email associated with their Ro account

  • A photo of their active BCBS MI insurance card

For those who qualify and sign up for a Body membership before the end of this year, Ro will then add $100 in credit to their account. These credits come in addition to our current offer of $150/off the first month of compounded semaglutide for all new patients.

Looking ahead

This offer is no substitute for insurance coverage. Ro helps patients understand their insurance policies and secure coverage every day. Unfortunately, that is not an option for too many patients. Paying cash for compounded GLP-1s is often the next best thing (learn more about our compounded GLP-1 processes and quality assurance here).

We actively advocate for employers and health plans to recognize the importance of covering GLP-1s for obesity, and encourage patients to make their voices heard as well. Until every patient has access to the treatment they need, we’ll never stop fighting on their behalf.