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What is anxiety?

Generalized anxiety disorder is a mental health condition that affects 6.8 million American adults. It is completely normal to feel anxious when stressful situations occur. However, when feelings of anxiety don’t go away or begin to appear even when there isn’t a clear reason for them, it may be a sign of a psychiatric or medical condition, and it is best to seek professional care.


Some sources conclude that only 43% of Americans with anxiety actually get treatment.

Ro Mind

Benefits of Ro

Dive in with Ro Mind Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions are pre-filmed, self-guided, educational videos created by accomplished mental healthcare experts. You can expect extensive topics and regularly fresh content. This feature is exclusive to Ro Mind members.

Thoughtful and ongoing provider support

Your provider will be there to offer guidance every step of the way. From regular check‑ins to convenient messaging—you’ll always feel seen and heard.

Prescription medication, customized plans

After you connect with a healthcare provider, they will prescribe a customized treatment plan and your medication, if prescribed, will be delivered with free 2‑day shipping.

How it works

Ro Mind step 1
Ro Mind step 1

1. Take an online assessment

Developed and written by U.S.‑licensed physicians and experts in psychiatric medicine, the online assessment consists of clinically‑backed questions that ask about your symptoms.

2. Meet your provider

Your healthcare provider will respond within 24 hours to schedule a live 1:1 video chat to talk next steps and discuss medication options, if appropriate.

Ro Mental Health treatment
Ro Mental Health treatment

3. Get medication delivered

If prescribed, you’ll receive your prescription medication delivered to your door every month.

4. Keep in touch

Your healthcare provider will regularly monitor your progress and optimize your treatment plan as needed. You’ll have access to Virtual Sessions so you can keep learning.

Virtual Sessions

Explore topics that matter to you with Virtual Sessions

We hand-selected leading experts from diverse backgrounds in the mental healthcare field to create educational, self-guided lessons in mental health. Your journey is unique, so you can look forward to discovering topics that matter to you.

You can do Virtual Sessions on your terms, at a time that works for you—you’ll have 24/7 access to videos and exercises.