Is a curved penis normal? How much curve is too much?

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Reviewed by Felix Gussone, MD, Ro, 

Written by Michael Martin 

Felix Gussone, MD - Contributor Avatar

Reviewed by Felix Gussone, MD, Ro, 

Written by Michael Martin 

last updated: Nov 03, 2021

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When it comes to penises, “normal” isn’t really a thing. Instead, “healthy” is all you should care about. That also goes for penis curvature. If your erect penis doesn’t point straight and you see a curvature—for example, your penis is bent left or right like a banana—you might ask yourself if that’s “normal” or healthy. 

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Is a curved penis normal?

Everybody’s penis is a little different, and lots of men naturally have a slight curve in their penis. If you’ve always had a slightly curved penis, it’s probably just the way your body naturally is and nothing to freak out about, especially if you’re not in any pain. 

It’s only when the curve becomes greater or causes painful erections that it can become a problem (Brant, 2018).

How much curve is too much?

As a rule of thumb, a curved penis typically does not need medical intervention and you don’t need to worry about it if (Brant, 2018):

  • It isn’t greater than a 30° curve.

  • It doesn’t cause any pain (especially during sex).

  • It isn’t steadily increasing.

Suppose you’re experiencing pain, or your penis curve is increasing. In that case, you might have Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes painful erections, significant bending, and other complications due to fibrous scar tissue in the penis. Peyronie’s disease can worsen with time, so talk to your healthcare provider if you’re experiencing any symptoms of Peyronie’s disease (Sandean, 2021).

How to measure a curved penis

If your penis is curved and you want to find out the angle of the bend, you first need a firm erection to measure your penis curvature accurately. You can measure this yourself using a goniometer in the comfort of your home. You can also have a healthcare professional measure your penile curvature or ask them to look at photographs you take at home of your erect penis (Ohebshalom, 2007).

Is a curved penis better for sex?

According to sexual health expert Dr. Michael Reitano, a curved penis can be beneficial for some positions, depending on your partner. During heterosexual sex, the G-spot requires “direct stimulation” to achieve orgasm, which a curved penis (sometimes) can achieve more readily than a straight shaft.

“The penis is designed to glide efficiently in and out of a fairly pliant, lubricated canal. It’s very efficient in terms of easing entry, and the result is a male climax and ejaculation,” notes Reitano. 

“However, from the recipient’s perspective, the friction created, while pleasurable, isn’t focused on the point most responsive to sexual stimulation. That area is the clitoris, which actually runs along the anterior or front wall of the vagina all the way back to the pelvis.” 

Reitano explains that an upwardly and slightly curved penis allows it to move efficiently in and out of the vagina while, in certain positions, focusing the tip of the penis on the sensitive area of the front wall.

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What are the best sex positions for a curved penis?

Admittedly, the suggestions below are subjective and only refer to penetrative vaginal sex. Ultimately, the best sex positions are whatever feels best for both you and your partner(s).

Upward curved penis

  • Cowgirl: Let your partner use your curve to her advantage.

  • Missionary: The upward curve is perfect for G-spot stimulation and pressure on the anterior vaginal wall.

Downward curved penis

  • Reverse Cowgirl: Let her take control of the pace, penetration, and pressure of your curve.

  • Doggy style: This position allows for deeper penetration, which is helpful if the curve is associated with shortening of the penis.

Side curved penis

  • “T” position: Place your partner on their back, legs spread, and enter from a perpendicular angle to maximize penetration with whichever way you curve. You basically look like the letter T. Bonus: The T position is low energy (no one is propping themselves up). So you can both stay in it for as long as you need.

Penis curvature and sex

Talk to your partner about what they want and what feels good, and you’ll find the perfect position for any curved penis. Remember that extreme penis curvatures can make sex painful for either partner. If your penis curve is greater than 30°, it can even be dangerous and may warrant medical attention.

If you experience pain or your curved penis is increasing, talk to a healthcare provider to start treatment as soon as possible.


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