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At-home COVID-19 testing made easy

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The On/Go™ COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test uses a comfortable shallow nasal swab and gives you results in 10 minutes, all...

Results in 10 minutes

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How do I get reimbursed by my insurance company?

If you have private insurance, there’s a good chance your insurance provider will reimburse you for at least part of the costs, but please consult your insurance company about reimbursement options before purchasing. Learn more.

Who is this for?

Children as young as two years old when administered by an adult and for all people 14 and older to self-perform

Appropriate for symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals

Both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals need to test twice over two or three days with at least 24 hours and not more than 48 hours between tests

How it works

Using a minimally invasive nasal swab, the On/Go™ COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test is easy to use with results in 10 minutes. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

Depending on an individual’s recent exposures, history, and the presence of clinical signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19, additional confirmatory testing or follow-up with a provider may be necessary. Self-collected tests may not satisfy testing requirements for all purposes. If you are traveling or attending an event that requires testing, check to see what kinds of tests are accepted. See User Instructions for more information.

The use of your health data and any other data collected through the On/Go app is subject to On/Go’s Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement, which are available through the On/Go app.

This product has not been FDA cleared or approved, but has been authorized by FDA under an EUA. This product has been authorized only for the detection of proteins from SARS-CoV-2, not for any other viruses or pathogens. The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of in vitro diagnostics for detection and/or diagnosis of COVID-19 under Section 564(b)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(b)(1), unless the declaration is terminated or authorization is revoked sooner.

As of November 22, 2021, the On/Go COVID-19 Antigen Home Test is additionally authorized for use by individuals age 14 years and older (self-collected), or 2 years and older (collected with adult assistance) with symptoms of Covid-19 within the first 7 days of symptom onset. The authorized labeling has been changed with the new indication (Quick Reference Instructions, Fact Sheet for Individuals, Instructions for Use for Healthcare Providers, Fact Sheet for HCP, and kit package; however, the On/Go COVID-19 Antigen Home Test will continue to be distributed with the labeling previously authorized per the EUA dated August 2, 2021.

The FDA recently granted a three-month extension for the expiration date of the On/Go test you purchased from Ro. This means that the test will now expire three months later than the date printed on the box. Please note, the expiration date for the tests is the last day of the labeled expiration month. For example, if April 2022 is printed on your box, that means that the tests will expire on July 31, 2022.