Care Comms

Seamless communication means more touch points, support, and personalized care.

  • Anytime messaging

  • Integrated video and phone calls

  • Patient satisfaction feedback

  • Message reviews and draft responses

Communication made easy, at any time

Intuitive, accessible communications tools mean that patients and providers can always be in contact. Messaging is available any time, so questions don’t have to wait until the next appointment.

Helping patients take control of their care journey

Patients always have options to connect with their provider – via messaging, calls, or video appointments – based on their preference and state regulations. Plus, they can access and review their medical record and past provider conversations.

Providers get an assist for more individualized messaging

ro.OS can review patient messages, identify their issues or questions, and suggest responses or resources for providers to share with patients. This helps providers consistently tailor responses to each patient’s needs.

Real-time feedback that continually improves the patient experience

Integrated satisfaction surveys help patients and providers stay on the same page about what is working best in a patient’s care journey. These insights support better experiences for patients and providers alike.

Fully integrated scheduling capabilities

Whether scheduling their first appointment or a consultation to discuss a new challenge in their treatment, patients can always book or adjust a visit directly through ro.OS.