Health Data

Making complex data simple for patients and providers to better understand their health

  • Easy-to-read test results

  • Progress tracking

  • Actionable insights

Real-time data exchange

ro.OS uses FHIR-based standards and centralized patient records to ensure that everyone – patients, providers, and pharmacists – has access to the up-to-date information they need to facilitate high-quality, personalized care.

Easy-to-read test results

Providers see clear and structured test results to help them interpret the findings. Patients see easy-to-read information with context about what each result means for their health and treatment options.

Actionable insights for high-quality care

Data flows seamlessly across ro.OS, so that providers can access real-time insights to support treatment decision making and patients can stay on top of their unique care journeys.

Progress tracking

Built-in treatment trackers with charts and graphs help motivate patients to reach their goals and providers to monitor care.