Quality & Safety

Assuring the highest standards and quality of care to continue raising the bar for every patient

  • Contraindication and interaction alerts

  • Early fill alerts

  • Side effect reporting

  • Quality measurement and improvement

Tools integrating safety into every care interaction

Quality and safety is built into every part of ro.OS, helping providers at the point-of-care and supporting ongoing clinical quality measurement and improvement.

Automated alerts for providers and pharmacists to review and act on

Potential interactions and early-fill alerts are flagged, prioritized, and presented to providers and pharmacists to help inform their clinical decision-making and support high-quality care.

Medical history flags

Patients’ responses in intake visits and check-ins are coded and labeled so providers are consistently aware of any potential risks while reviewing their individual medical history.

Structured side effect reporting

Easy and accessible check-in visits make it frictionless for patients to report side effects whenever they may occur. Plus, these automated and structured check-ins support greater collection, analysis, and response to side effects – supporting better treatment adherence and outcomes.

Quality measurement and improvement

ro.OS’s centralized EMR and platform-wide structured data collection enable automated quality reporting and help streamline chart auditing. This enables a robust, continuous clinical quality improvement program anchored on prevention, detection, and correction.