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Patient App

The Patient App puts patients in control of their care. Instead of waiting months for an appointment, taking time off of work, and standing in long lines at the pharmacy, the Patient App makes it easy for patients to connect with a provider and get the treatment they need. Patients get ongoing access to personalized care and support that helps them to effectively achieve their goals.

Ro’s Patient App at a glance

Explore the capabilities of the Patient App

Care Comms

Patients can ask a question, report a side effect, or share progress with a provider any time they need. They can send a quick message or, if they want to dig deeper, schedule a call or video appointment. Plus, patients submit real-time feedback that helps to ensure they’re getting the support they need throughout their care journey.


Patients can spend more time focused on their health goals and less time figuring out their insurance coverage. Ro helps each patient understand their treatment options, including cost and coverage. Further, Ro can use structured data and proprietary insights to optimize each patient’s chances for coverage.

Privacy & Security

Our platform is backed by a full set of privacy and security tools. Together, these give patients the comfort that their care and health data are protected to the highest standards through their entire care journey.

Patient POV

Whether I need tips for dealing with side effects or keeping up my progress, with Ro, I can message my provider at any time. It feels good knowing that someone is always there to support me.