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Lab App

The Lab App makes it easier to get the test results that shape high-quality care. Completing lab tests is an often burdensome step to getting a comprehensive picture of a patient’s health and treatment options. The Lab App streamlines this process with accessible testing options and clear, automated results delivery to help patients and providers make informed treatment decisions.

Ro’s Lab App at a glance

Health Data

Ro translates complex lab tests into clear results, easy-to-read reports, and graphs tracking progress, so that patients and providers benefit from actionable insights in real-time at every step of the care journey.

At-Home Test Kit

Patients don’t need to make an appointment or trip to the lab. Providers can order one of Ro’s proprietary at-home test kits to be delivered to a patient’s door, completed at the patient’s convenience, and mailed to a dedicated CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab for sample processing. 

Ro'er POV

The Lab App makes testing a simple and seamless part of a patient's journey, so that their provider can better understand their health, identify treatment options, and work together to personalize ongoing care.