Privacy & Security

Maintaining industry-leading protections to safeguard patients and their data

  • Patient-centric privacy preferences

  • Secure software development

  • Threat monitoring and response

  • Vulnerability testing

Empowering a continuous cycle of security

A suite of security tools combines with industry-leading policies and practices to continually protect ro.OS and all of those who use it.

Patient-centric privacy preferences

All patients can select and change their privacy preferences at any time. Ro takes patient privacy seriously, maintains a comprehensive Privacy Policy for patients, and operates in compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Security by design

Following the principles of security by design, Ro integrates security into the entire software development life cycle. Across ro.OS, we emphasize secure coding practices, regular security reviews, and threat modeling exercises to identify and address vulnerabilities early.

Threat monitoring and real-time incident response

Ro’s in-house security operations team continually monitors our systems and threat intelligence throughout the industry to identify and respond in real-time to potential risks or incidents.

Vulnerability and penetration testing

We conduct in-house and trusted third-party testing to uncover actionable insights and ensure that ro.OS continues to meet the latest privacy and security standards.