Health Tasks

Helping providers prioritize patients' needs and collaborate to continually deliver high-quality care

  • Efficient workflows

  • Smart task routing

  • Automated prioritization

Automated task management

Prioritized, tagged, and continually updated workflows make effective coordination across providers and care teams a reality, at scale.

Clinical workflows focused on what matters most

Our system guides providers step-by-step through test results and health history, automatically flagging key information that can inform their decision making. It’s technology built to boost providers’ efficiency and reduce their time spent on administrative tasks or searching through records.

Prioritized tasks

ro.Insights weighs dozens of criteria to prioritize the most important tasks. This way, providers and care team members know that they’re addressing the highest priority patient needs at any given time.

Smart task routing

ro.Insights finds the best provider or care team member for a given task – from a new patient visit to a shipping question - and routes it their way. This helps providers practice to the top of their license, and patients get their needs addressed by the right person in the most timely manner possible.