Patient Intake

Dynamic collection of patients’ goals, medical history, and side effects gives providers the right information at the right time

  • Dynamic patient questions

  • Structured data for providers

  • Comprehensive patient history

Online visits that unlock personalized care

From an initial visit to renewing a prescription or reporting a side effect, patients can complete Ro’s structured intakes on their own schedule: whether it’s at 10:00pm after a late shift or 6:00am before the kids wake up. The dynamic technology adapts to a patient’s responses and transforms them into actionable data for providers.

Onboarding visits

As an entry point, these condition-specific visits comprehensively collect a patient’s health goals, symptoms, and medical history. Right from the start, providers gain in-depth knowledge of each patient’s health, which helps to establish and maintain personalized care throughout every journey.

Care management check-ins

With regular care management check-ins, a patient can report side effects, treatment progress, or questions to their provider – who can then stay fully up-to-date and counsel the patient to address any challenges and meet their unique needs.

Prescription renewals

Milestone or time-based follow-ups enable providers to regularly uncover insights that help them to make appropriate adjustments to a patient’s treatment plan, medication dose, or prescription refills based on their feedback and clinical evidence.

Dynamic intake at scale

Purpose-designed check-ins or visits can be added to ro.OS as needed and deployed at scale. These are used to connect with patients and collect structured data that can be flagged and routed to the right provider or care team member at the right time.