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Pharmacy App

The Pharmacy App empowers pharmacists with the data and insights they need to practice to the top of their license and reliably fulfill treatments for patients in every corner of the country. It directly integrates pharmacists into a patient’s care journey so that they can proactively coordinate with providers, identify potential safety concerns, and tailor treatment to an individual’s needs. With this technology, pharmacists can help support greater quality of care and treatment adherence.

Ro's Pharmacy App at a glance

Quality & Safety

Pharmacists benefit from a suite of safety tools that always have their back. From reminders about a patient’s allergies to alerts about drug contraindications, pharmacists know that they have the information they need to safely fulfill treatments.

Patient Identity

Pharmacists know that the prescriptions they fulfill will be delivered securely and responsibly to the right patient with identity verification tools that prevent fraud and safeguard against potential misuse.

Ro'er POV

The Pharmacy App gives pharmacists an open line of communication through which we can collaborate with providers and together create the best treatment plans for our patients